Eyasses replaces the beloved Paul’s World Kodi addon. The developer, Paul, has simply renamed the Paul’s World Addon to Eyasses. The Falcon Project Kodi addon by AJ features the Eyasses Kodi all-in-one addon as a streaming video source. AJ’s Repo also houses the Eyasses all-in-one Kodi addon. Eyasses finds a very wide range of streaming video online for you. This Kodi addon provides 3D movies, 4K movies, TV series box sets, documentaries, horror movies, and far more. Install Eyasses, then you can also enjoy cooking shows, standup comedy, audio books, language lessons, and even CCTV!

Many Kodi users love that Eyasses can find and load streaming videos with one click. This might take Eyasses a moment to do, so relax after clicking your chosen link. Note that the time you must wait is less than the time you would fumble with the list of streaming video sources in many other addons. You’ll soon see why Eyasses deserves its place in our list of Best Kodi Addons.

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Eyasses Install Info for Experienced Kodi Addon Installers

  • Eyasses Home Repo: AJ’s Repo
  • AJ’s Repo Source Location: http://ajbuilds.uk/repo

Enable Unknown Sources for Kodi 17 Krypton & Later

The XBMC Foundation changed third-party addon installation with Kodi 17 Krypton. Now, you must enable unknown sources in the Kodi preferences. Kodi won’t allow third-party Kodi addon installation without this action. If you’ve already done this, then skip ahead to the Kodi Eyasses addon section.

If you don’t know what this means or cant remember how to do it, then use our illustrated tutorial. This step-by-step Enable Unknown Sources guide for Kodi makes it easy. This allows access to many third-party Kodi TV addons, repositories, builds, and wizards. Kodi won’t allow the Eyasses all-in-one addon to install otherwise. Jump over and get this crucial step done. We’ll be right here when you get back.

How To Install Eyasses Fire Stick Kodi Add-on

The installation of Eyasses follows a typical Kodi addon install pattern. First, give Kodi the source location of the addon repository. Then, install the repository from that source location. Finally, install the addon itself from that repository.

There is no magic involved. Once you’ve done a few Kodi addon installs, you’ll only need a repo source location. Installing most Kodi addons takes this same set of steps. We provide this information for more advanced Kodi addon installers. You’ll find this info toward the beginning of every addon install article on My True Media.

How to Install the Source for the Eyasses Home Repository, Aj’s Repo

In this first step of the Eyasses install process, we tell Kodi where it will find the Kodi addon’s home repo. In the case of Eyasses, that would be the repository known as AJ’s Repo.

  1. Enter the System menu above the main Kodi menu. It has the appearance of a gear cog wheel. kodi settings menu item icon
    Kodi 17 Krypton System Menu Gear Cog Icon

    Click on the Kodi System (Gear Cog) Icon

  2. Then, go into the File Manager.
    Kodi 17 Krypton File Manager within System Menu

    Enter the File Manager within the Kodi 17 Krypton System Menu

  3. Select the Add Source option at the end of this list.
    Add AJs Repo Source within Kodi File Manager

    Add Source for AJs Repository within Kodi File Manager

  4. Click on None, so you may input a custom location.
    Select None to Define Custom Kodi Repo Source URL for AJs Repository

    Choose None to Allow Custom Kodi Repo Source URL for Installation

  5. Type http://ajbuilds.uk/repo in, then click OK.
  6. Name this AJ or something else to remember this is AJ’s Repo source, then click on the OK button.
  7. Check for typos, then click on OK again.
    Check Eyasses Home Repo AJs Repository Info for Typos

    Check AJs Repo Source Info for Typos

How to Install AJ’s Repo

With the location saved in Kodi, we can now install the repository. This will allow Kodi direct access to the repo’s files. It also allows automatic updates to any items installed from AJ’s Repo.

  1. Back at the Kodi main menu, then click Add-ons in the menu.
    Kodi Add-ons Main Menu Item to access the repo installation area

    Click the Kodi Add-ons Main Menu Item

  2. Enter the Add-on browser by clicking the open box icon above the menu. kodi addon manager menu item icon
    Open Kodi Add-on Browser At Top Of Add-ons Menu - also called Package Manager

    Open the Kodi Add-on Browser Located at the Top of the Add-ons Menu

  3. Then, select Install from zip file.
    Install From Zip File within Kodi Add-on Browser for AJs Repo, home of Eyasses

    Choose Install From Zip File in Kodi Add-on Browser

  4. Find AJ (or whatever you named it) in the dialog that opens, then click on it.
  5. Click the repository.aj.zip file (or select it and click on the OK button) to install the AJs Repository.
  6. Once the AJs Repository Installed dialog appears, then move on to installing Eyasses.

To learn more about Kodi repositories, read our Best Kodi Repositories article. You’ll also learn about more Kodi repos there along with the addons they contain.

How to Install Eyasses Fire Stick Kodi TV Addon

Now that Kodi can access AJ’s Repo, we can install Eyasses. Remember this process, as there is plenty more to install from this repo when you’re ready.

  1. Click the Install from repository item. This allows browsing and selecting from Kodi’s installed repositories.
    Eyasses Install from repository within Kodi Add-on browser

    Choose to Install From Repository within Kodi Add-on Browser

  2. Choose AJs Repository, which we installed.
    Choose to Install from AJs Repository

    Choose to Install from AJs Repository

  3. Go into the AJs Repository Video Add-ons area. This is where Eyasses resides.
    Select Eyasses for Installation from AJs Repository

    Select Eyasses for Installation from AJs Repository

  4. Click on Eyasses, then click the Install button in the pop-up dialog.
    Eyasses by Paul from AJs Repository Pop-up Dialog Install Button

    Eyasses by Paul from AJs Repository Pop-up Dialog Install Button

  5. If installing Eyasses in Kodi 18 Leia, then you will have one more dialog. It will point out the dependencies installed with Eyasses. Accept that this is necessary and Eyasses will install. A successful installation will be greated by an Eyasses Add-on Installed pop-up message.
    Eyasses Add-on Installed Pop-up Dialog

    Eyasses Add-on Installed Pop-up Dialog

After Installing Eyasses Kodi Addon

With Eyasses installed in Kodi, you have a powerhouse media center at your fingertips. Browse around the available categories and perform some searches. You’re gonna love this Kodi addon.

If you like Eyasses, you may also enjoy some of these other great Kodi addons. We’ve written about a few here at My True Media. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

Don’t forget to enjoy this or any Kodi third-party addon only from within the privacy an encrypted VPN. Be safe, enjoy, and…

May your streams never run dry!

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