The development team decided late in 2017 that Kodi 17 Krypton was fully matured and ready for pasture. This meant placing it into its own development branch while devoting the main development tree to Kodi 18 Leia preparations. Kodi 17 Krypton will only receive bug fix patches and minimal improvements in the future beyond its current state.

Giving the Kodi 17 Krypton base a final resting place away from the main branch was necessary in order to allow the simplification of Kodi 18 Leia development. This effort has quickly resulted in a nearly rock solid Kodi 18, as users of the many nightly builds, alpha releases, beta versions, and release candidates over the past year and a half can attest to.

Several core developers were also freed up by this move to begin a serious cleanup and improvement campaign to get Kodi 18 Leia ready for a general usage release. That day has come…

Kodi 18 Download

Kodi 18.0 Leia has been officially released and is available to download and install on all Kodi supported devices. This includes the Windows PC, Mac, Android, Amazon Fire TV Stick, FireStick 4K, Fire TV Cube, iOS, BSD, and many flavors of Linux.

Be aware that the XBMC foundation has been attempting to distance itself from the third-party Kodi scene. There have been a few attempts to include code into Kodi over the past year or two that gathers and records info on its users. The protection of an encrypted VPN tunnel is always recommended when streaming with Kodi, but has become especially necessary with the latest Kodi 17.6 Krypton and Kodi v18 Leia releases.

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Nearly Two Years of Kodi Volunteer Development Work

The Kodi development team have been working incessantly for nearly two years toward the public availability of this new official stable Leia v18.0 release. We’ll document major changes and provide updates right here on this page as we hear of them.

The XBMC / Kodi Foundation had previously mentioned utilizing a RERO (Release Early; Release Often) approach to development cycles. They now admit to realizing this to be a bit unrealistic with a project having the massive number of parts and loose organization that Kodi does at this time. They are getting there, however, and do their best to release bugfixes in a timely manner.

  • nearly 10,000 changed code chunks
  • over 3000 git pull requests
  • almost 9,000 files changed
  • just shy of 500,000 lines of code removed
  • damn near 500,000 lines of code added
  • 36+ open source developers
  • more beer, wine, and coffee than is safe for human consumption

Once you’ve updated and got to experience Kodi 18 Leia, then hopefully you’ll appreciate the massive effort that went into it. These Kodi developers do this in their spare time (whatever the heck that is!).

As you can see, there is a major amount of refactored code in Kodi 18 Leia over Kodi 17.6 Krypton. The changes were made in nearly 10,000 commits to the codebase!

The GUI has also had an overhaul to make the user experience much better. This includes changes to the Estuary skin that comes installed by default.

Kodi Devs Emphasise Stability and Usability

The stability of Kodi 18 Leia has improved tremendously in recent months. The developers tore out a ton of poorly structured code. They then replaced it with standardized and optimized design structures.

Getting Kodi’s various modules and other parts working more nicely together has been the project’s main aim. They seem to have this down to a science now, but that’s not all they have for us.

What’s New in Kodi 18 Leia?

The changelog for Kodi Leia is a massive read full of wonderful new features. You can access it at the official Kodi v18 Leia changelog wiki page. I’ll summarize some of the most exiting changes from Kodi 17.6 Krypton to Kodi 18.0 Leia below.

Significant Feature Changes in Kodi v18.0 Leia Release

  • Games support for RetroPlayer core and Emulator core in new window
  • Live TV and PVR get major GUI changes (many new PVR addons added and the rest updated)
  • Android speech-to-text support with Kodi on-screen keyboard
  • SD card app installation support for Android

Kodi 18 Leia Download and Install Guide

The latest 18.0 “Leia” version of Kodi will easily download and install on any Kodi v17.6 Krypton supported device.

Install Kodi 18 Leia on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV Box, and Fire TV Cube

It’s super easy to install Kodi 18 Leia on Amazon FireStick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, or any other Fire TV box. Download the following file with Downloader app or ES File Explorer from the Amazon App Store, then install Kodi Leia and be watching a free movie within minutes.

Grab the 32-bit Android Kodi installer to install Kodi 18 on a Firestick: 32-bit Kodi 18 APK Firestick installer

Of course, you’ll also want to grab at least one great working Kodi 18 addon to watch all the free streams.

Don’t forget to turn on your IPVanish VPN before streaming all the free movies, TV shows, and sports broadcasts found by third-party Kodi addons.

Download Kodi 18 for Windows & Install

With the official release version of Kodi 18 Leia now available, you can grab a copy of Kodi in the Windows App Store. You can also use the following links to download and install from the official Kodi TV mirror site download repositories.

For most modern Windows computers, you’ll want to grab the 64-bit Kodi 18 exe file to install the latest Kodi on Windows PC.

For those still using 32-bit architecture computers running Windows, or those running 32-bit Windows on newer machines, use the 32-Bit Kodi 18 exe file to install the Kodi media center software.

Whichever version of Kodi 18 you choose for your Windows PC, simply install as you would any other app. Double click the installer file and follow the on-screen prompts.

Download and Install Kodi 18 for Mac OS X

Download the Kodi 18 DMG installer file to install Kodi 18 Leia app natively on Mac OS X. Simply open the DMG file and move the Kodi app to your Applications folder on the Mac to complete installation.

You’ll find that Mac OS X provides H.264 and MPEG2 hardware video decoding. Kodi 18 Leia requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later running on an Intel Macintosh.

Download and Install Kodi Leia for iOS

Kodi 18 Leia for iOS must also be side-loaded onto an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, or iPad Air. A jailbroken iOS device version 6.0 or newer is required, though it’s highly recommended to use iOS 8.0 or higher.

To download the newly released Kodi 18 for iOS devices, use the following links.

If you’re installing Kodi 18 Leia on an iPhone 5 or older, or on an original iPad (up to October 2012 release), you’ll want the 32bit ARM deb file Kodi iOS installer for a successful install.

For any iOS device newer than this, download the Arm64 version of the Kodi 18 iOS installer deb file.

kodi 18 download install on windows 10 firestick ios

Kodi 18 Leia Released

Download Kodi 18 APK for Android

The official release of Kodi 18 “Leia” is now available in the Google Play Store for download and installation. To side-load the official Android Kodi APK file, download it using Downloader app, ES File Explorer, or any other download app or browser onto your Android device from the following official Kodi TV links.

64-Bit Kodi 18 APK

32-Bit Kodi 18 APK

Installing Kodi 18 on Android devices is very straight-forward. If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. We’d love to help in any way we can.

Get Kodi 18 on Xbox One

Xbox One now officially lets you install Kodi Leia v18 directly from the Microsoft App Store. Here are the easy steps to install v18 Leia onto an Xbox One.

  1. On the XBox One home screen, click the Search option and type Kodi.
  2. Click on the Kodi icon.
  3. Next, simply click the Get button.

Once the Kodi 18 installation is complete, grab some great working Kodi 18 addons or a Kodi 18 build to finish up. Then, you can connect through your IPVanish VPN app to anonymously watch some free movies, TV shows, and even live sports right on your XBox One!

How to Install Kodi 18 for Linux

Installing Kodi Leia on Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, Elementary, Mint, Arch, Tails, CentOS 7, Manjaro, etc.) is a snap with command line interface commands. To use apt-get, simply follow along in your favorite terminal:

  1. sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
  2. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. sudo apt-get install kodi

Get Kodi 18 Installed on Raspberry Pi Devices

Installing Kodi 18 on Raspberry Pi instructions depend on whether you are running Raspbian or RetroPie on it. You can get very clear and detailed install guide at the official Kodi wiki

Installation Steps for Any Kodi Leia Devices

For every device supported by Kodi, the download file for install can be found at the official downloads page.

  1. Head over to the Kodi TV downloads page.
  2. Choose the operating system you wish to install Kodi 18 on.
  3. Then, simply download Kodi 18 Leia by clicking on the link for the appropriate app file for your OS and device.

If you have trouble installing Kodi 18 Leia on your device, give us a shout in the comments below. You can also feel free to ask in the official My True Media subreddit or on our Facebook page.

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Arthur · 2019-02-13 at 1:27 am

I don’t see in the Google Play Store the Kodi 18 Leia for Android

    Alice on Fire · 2019-02-13 at 9:24 am

    Hi Arthur, Kodi may not be available in all locations in the Google Play Store. If you search for “Kodi” and don’t see anything, you may need to use a proxy server or VPN to access the Google Play Store in a location such as the USA that does have Kodi available. Here is a link to Kodi 18 Leia in the Google Play Store from the United States.

    Of course, if you’re in an area without Kodi in the Play Store, it may be easier to just download Kodi 18 Leia from the official page with the Downloader app or ES File Explorer. Good luck!

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