It’s official! After a year of rumors, Amazon has confirmed the upcoming Fire TV Cube, along with giving firm pricing and the Fire TV Cube release date. Until yesterday, the company had teased the device on their website but had not provided many details. Even certainty of the Amazon Fire TV Cube final name had remained an unknown. We safely assumed the new Fire OS device was potentially named the Amazon Fire TV Cube and had a cubic form factor… probably we were right on the money.

The image at Amazon’s landing page for the upcoming device did use the name of Amazon Fire TV Cube . AFTVNews had reported late last year on some leaked information concerning a cube-like device entering the Fire OS family of products. This report may have influenced Amazon’s decision to call the device by this name on the Amazon Fire TV Cube landing page.

It will be interesting to see this Fire TV Cube running Kodi. Especially with the FCC asking Amazon to crack down on Kodi boxes, using the Amazon Fire TV Cube this way will be a buyer beware situation much like any Kodi box. Have you got Kodi installed on your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick ? I do hope you’ve got a secure VPN installed to avoid advertising your location, identity, activities, and more to anyone listening.

When is the Amazon Fire TV Cube Release Date?

Amazon has now confirmed an Amazon Fire TV Cube release date of June 21, 2018. They had posted a Fire TV Cube page at, though it had no details other than the device’s name. You can see a modified version of what that page looked like in the featured image for this article. AFTVNews expected a late 2018 or early 2019 launch. With Amazon talking about the device so early, we also believed it was safe to guess the release wasn’t all that far off.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Release Date Unknown, but Image of Possible Form Factor from AFTVNews Available

Amazon Fire TV Cube Image of Possible Form Factor from AFTVNews

We honestly thought getting the cubic Fire OS product to market a few months in advance of the 2018 Christmas shopping frenzy would seem to make good business sense. We’ll report any changes to the available information concerning the Amazon Fire TV Cube release date immediately upon discovering it. With Amazon announcing the release date earlier today, here we are with your update.

How Much Will the Amazon Fire TV Cube Cost?

Amazon has also confirmed the Fire TV Cube price at $119. Based on the company’s competitive pricing for the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Fire TV 4K UHD , we had guessed the Amazon Fire TV Cube price would likely be right around a $100-$120 price point. We seem to have been spot on. You can also get $30 off the price of your new Amazon Fire TV Cube with a new Prime membership subscription. A Prime subscription will give you access to tons of content including wonderful movies, TV shows and other award-winning videos you can’t get anywhere else.

Well, that may not be entirely truthful. We also write about the best Kodi addons that tend to do exactly that for many people. Kodi is a lot more work including research and fidgeting with installs and updates than the Amazon Prime service is, though. That’s because of its access to unlicensed streams causing many anti-piracy groups to frequently target Kodi developers and users. Without an encrypted VPN, you’re kinda asking for it if you use Kodi to watch all the latest movies and TV shows for free in an area where this sort of streaming is illegal.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Features & Rumors

According to leaks from AFTVNews, the Amazon Fire TV Cube would have the features of an Amazon Echo Dot combined with the Amazon Fire TV. It would include a built-in microphone array to give you full voice control of your Fire TV experience. It had been further speculated that the Amazon Fire TV Cube may have speakers included, which made sense for receiving responses from Alexa.

Amazon Fire TV Cube with Alexa Voice Remote Coming June 21

Amazon Fire TV Cube with Alexa Voice Remote Coming June 21

It seems AFTVNews were right about every bit of this. Aside from using the Alexa voice remote control, the new Amazon Fire TV Cube has been designed with an array of eight built-in far-field microphones to accommodate the Fire TV Cube shape. It also has all the beam-forming, noise-reducing, and echo-canceling tech of other Echo devices for clear communications with Alexa from anywhere in the room.

All of this advanced audio wizardry will allow you full voice control of the Fire TV Cube and other devices. That’s right, the Fire TV Cube will be able to control not just the Fire TV Cube itself, but also the TV and many other items such as sound bars, lights, cameras… any items that can currently be controlled by your Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa .

Right now, the Fire TV can only be controlled with Alexa voice commands if you are using the voice remote or an external Echo device. The Fire TV Cube will simplify the process of interacting with Alexa to control the device. As a result, the Amazon Fire TV Cube would give you full hands-free voice control as a standard feature. The television doesn’t even need to be on. You can call out to Alexa anytime you feel like it, much as you do with the Echo , Dot , or any other Alexa hands-free device.

Now that Amazon has confirmed specific features, we know the Fire TV Cube supports 4K UHD. The rumor also existed that it would have the ability to stream up to 60 FPS, which has now been confirmed by Amazon.

Whether the Amazon Fire TV cube would receive gigabit ethernet had not even been speculated about, however. Judging from the scanned manual page sent into Engadget by a reader, we had believed hoping for gigabit ethernet may have been asking too much. The Amazon Ethernet adaptor only provides 10/100 ethernet capabilities. Even with the latest Amazon Fire TV 4K devices, it remains faster to use a WiFi connection if your wireless router is nearby. This also seems to be the case with the Fire TV Cube, though the ethernet adapter is being included for now by Amazon with every Fire TV Cube purchase.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Release Confirmed With Leaked Manual Image

Amazon Fire TV Cube Release Confirmed With Leaked Manual Image

Further Details on the Amazon Fire TV Cube Release Date & More

Thanks for checking back here for the latest update on the Amazon Fire TV Cube release date, price, features, and rumors as they became available. We’ll keep this article updated when new information about the Amazon Fire TV Cube gets leaked or announced. Until then…

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