The FCC has asked Amazon and eBay to stop selling Kodi Boxes. Kodi Boxes are set-top boxes sold with 3rd party Kodi add-ons already installed. These allow the user to access and stream free movies and TV shows.

Cord cutters know that accessing unlicensed material for free remains illegal in many regions. However, some of these Kodi Boxes are being sold with fake FCC logos. This has tricked some people into thinking the content is fully licensed. This is one reason the FCC has asked Amazon and eBay to remove the deceptive Kodi Boxes.

How to Anonymously Access Free Streams

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Cracking Down on Kodi Boxes

Amazon and eBay received letters from the FCC asking to help stop the sale of Kodi Boxes. It is legal to install Kodi on a set-top box, but these Kodi Boxes come with third-party add-ons which enable the easy access of unlicensed material. This is illegal in many regions, and the FCC says the sale of these Kodi Boxes encourages piracy.

This is not a new problem for these companies. Amazon and eBay have already started to remove Kodi Boxes and other devices which encourage piracy. The FCC even acknowledged this in their letter but asked the companies to do more.

Consumers Being Tricked

Many of the Kodi Boxes sold on Amazon and eBay have fake FCC logos. Some people do not know the content they are accessing is unlicensed because they think these Kodi Boxes have FCC approval. Consumers also trust websites like Amazon and eBay to only carry legitimate devices.

The FCC is very concerned that the misuse of their logo is tricking consumers and unknowingly leading them to pirate.

Kodi Is Innocent

The developers at Kodi have nothing to do with misleading Kodi Boxes. They do not make the 3rd party add-ons used with their popular streaming application. They provide a completely legal service. How we use it is up to us.

Remember to stay safe with a VPN and keep your guard up when streaming with 3rd party Kodi add-ons. Take control of your own internet experience and leave the scammers behind!

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