My True Media has the simple purpose of helping content creators and consumers alike to make and enjoy the best media possible. This includes media across all spectra of an audio or visual nature and beyond. The aim of the MTM site is to educate streaming media enthusiasts of all types. Whether you create, customize, or would rather just consume entertainment media, we’ve got you covered. Are you wanting to record your band’s shoe-gaze originals, access tonight’s football match, or post your latest lecture on troglodyte husbandry to YouTube ? You will find tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you do so right here at My True Media.

My True Media Aims To Educate, Inform and Entertain


We show you how to set up and use your own media creation studio in our tutorials. Composing, scoring, recording, filming, converting, editing, and much more gets explained in easy tutorials here at MTM. This includes getting your creations in front of an audience and making a living doing what you love in this new age of global consumerism and mass-produced media.


My True Media also shows you how to customize not only the media you create, but any media. Whether you want to simply convert items in your media collection to make them more accessible, or mix them with other creations, we’ve got your know-how. Mix tapes and collages were popular once-upon-a-time, now digital media manipulation techniques empower you to bring your wildest imaginings to life.


Cord cutting makes perfect sense, so don’t hesitate to get onboard. The outrageous price gouging of corporate cable companies has caused many to turn away from traditional media outlets entirely. It isn’t the corporations’ fault they prey upon you; they can’t survive without sustained profit increases. If wishing to simply build and access your own content collection, then using apps such as Plex or iTunes will make you happy. You can also view the latest releases with streaming apps available for a wide choice of devices. Do not fall prey to corporate greed; find freedom with just a bit of information. We discuss how this can easily happen for you, then give advice on proper media consumption. Yes; proper ways do exist.

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