One of the most popular free (as in pirate) streaming movie sites of all time, 123movies shut down in March 2018 after giving notice to the community. They also used the names GoMovies 123, MeMovies, GoStream, and 123MoviesHub along with variations of PutLocker.

Free GoMovies123 & 123Movies Alternatives

Millions of visitors each day flocked to 123movies located at the domain, known also as GoMovies 123. 123movies, one of the largest pirate online streaming video websites in history, finally started to feel the heat of pending litigation.

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What Are Some 123Movies Alternatives?

While 123movies is down and likely gone forever, many alternatives stream movies and TV shows online. Here is a short list containing our current working 123movies alternative sites. Some of these sites may even be run by the same guys that ran 123movies and shut it down along with the original GoMovies and 123MoviesHub sites.

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Without further ado, here are the best working 123Movies alternatives available for your viewing pleasure.

The new look of is a fantastic, clean layout with one of the largest collections of movies and TV series. They also offer the option to enjoy their old layout if you prefer it on the 123movies.html page on their site.

Some of you will really appreciate this website for the simple and free streaming of movies and TV series online without ads, memberships, or other hoops to jump through. may be the best alternative to 123Movies available today.

This FMovies option also has a beautifully simple interface with a ton of streaming content available. Providing the option to download or stream free movies gives a very high score as a GoMovies replacement.

You’ll find tons of Anime, Movie, and TV show streams to download or watch free online streaming to any web capable device. Just find a show you want to view at and push play to watch any movie or TV show you like.

There are a few ads, but the number of high-speed servers and great HD video streams makes up for them.

9Anime is a sister site to the website. Here, you’ll find a humungous collection of anime titles that you can stream. The interface, as expected, is clean and very friendly to watching streams. No ads or sign-up requirements at ; just streaming anime fully keyboard controlled with options to darken the screen for you and much more. If you love anime, then you really need to check out the 9Anime website.

MovieWatcher is a fantastic online movie download and streaming site. This streaming website provides tons of your favorite movies and TV shows to watch for free. From comedy to drama and kids shows to westerns, has it all.

You can even download movies for free at . Also one of the safest movie streaming websites online, MovieWatcher is a great alternative to 123Movies.

This is a pretty nice website to watch free streaming movies online as an alternative to 123Movies. One of the downsides is occasionally getting a movie other than the one you selected.

The interface is a bit jumbled; probably to make people click on the ads that appear to start the streaming video. Most 123Movies replacement sites seem to use these same ads, but they appear styled differently on the website.

There is a good selection of streaming videos available, so browse around here and see what you think. Once you know where to click, is a really nice alternative.

MyDownloadTube isn’t only one of the best movie and TV show download sites available on the internet. It’s also a great place to download some of the best games found anywhere online. Downloading a game or HD movie from their extensive library is easy.

You can even watch a movie trailer before downloading the whole movie on MyDownloadTube. With game downloads and movie previews available, enters the mix as one of the very best alternatives to GoMovies now that they’re gone.


SolarMovie, once at, is now found at a address. You will be redirected to the right address if you go to the old site. SolarMovie has one of the largest collections of HD movies found anywhere. This wonderful website has movie ratings, filters, meta info, and reviews.

You are free to comment on the streaming movie pages to let others know what the quality of the streams at SolarMovie is like. Many of the streaming servers available on SolarMovie site are really fast and allow you to watch movies without any buffering.

With SolarMovie, you can also download movies and TV series to watch when not connected to the internet.

Check out (now to watch loads of movies in HD absolutely free. Their site provides a very large movie collection of both new titles and the great classics.

As their name suggests, WatchMoviesFree is a great site to visit for watching movies free online. Try them for titles you can’t find elsewhere, as is a very nice site without a bunch of hoops to jump through like some GoMovies replacement sites.

Putlocker is another website helping you watch the latest movies online free. They provide access to a huge number of movies and tv shows to watch. They don’t require registration to stream the movies on their site, and you don’t need to download the videos first.

While the site and many other PutLocker sites like it are ad-supported in a somewhat annoying way, the ads can easily be avoided with the uBlock Origin ad blocker browser addon or similar.

MovieDDL lets you download or watch movies absolutely free of charge. You can search and find great HD movies by title, genre, or release year at MovieDDL. The site is great for downloading movies.

Watch-Free has a great selection of HD movies to watch streaming online for free. Sadly, there is no download option for those of you wanting to grab the movie and take it camping in the middle of nowhere or on the train to work.

You must stream the movies from their site with an active connection to the internet. Still, with the great selection of movies available at , this is a great alternative to the gone 123Movies sites to watch free streaming movies online.

If you ever watched free streaming movies online at, you’ll love the website. It’s the same site upgraded with faster servers and more great free streaming online movies and TV shows.

Search for a movie to watch by genre, title, and even country location. This great GoMovies alternative allows you to stream and download movies for free. also provides ratings from IMDB for every movie on their website. This is great when you’re searching for a free streaming movie to watch online.

If you’d used the site in the past, then you know the high quality available on This is the same site, but with a better layout and even more high-quality movies available. All the most popular HD movies and TV series can be downloaded from this website.

You can choose to either download movies or watch movies online for free by streaming at the website. Their wonderful search feature even allows you to search for a movie or TV show using a release date, rating, genre, and much more. This website is a great alternative to 123Movies.

If you want to download movies or TV shows to watch later, may become your next best friend. This site is a search engine that finds links to video files available for download on the internet. You will have fun searching and downloading any and everything you can imagine to watch. With a search engine devoted to finding downloadable video files, why would you need any other site—except to stream free online movies, of course.

Sadly, closed down to pursue other interests. They were by far one of the most popular sites online for finding movie and TV show downloads. They didn’t provide free streaming video directly by design, though many people used their site this way anyhow. For streaming free movies online, we highly suggest at the top of our list as the best alternative to 123movies available.


While PopcornTime is not a movie streaming or download website, this should be taken into consideration for watching movies and TV shows free online. Similar to Kodi, Terrarium TV, and plenty of other great streaming apps, PopcornTime provides a wonderful alternative to 123movies, PutLocker, GoMovies, and any other streaming website.

With an easy interface and excellent navigation, along with a huge library of top movies and TV shows, it’s really easy to see why so many people love the PopcornTime app. Give it a try on your Firestick, PC, or nearly any other streaming device you want.

Free Streaming Movies Online With Google

If you use Google to search for the name of a movie or TV show you want to see preceded by “parent directory” or “index of” then you just may find available streams without the help of any other website or app. Seriously—just google “parent directory big buck bunny” (without the quotation marks) and explore the results.

Now, download the free Surfshark VPN app, connect to one of their encrypted VPN servers, then do that same search for any movie or TV show you want to watch without hassle or worry. No more crying about 123Movies going down.

You’re welcome.

123Movies Departing Words

The GoMovies 123 and 123Movies site administration posted a very clear message stating their intention to close down at the end of the week. That was last week, and they kept their word.

The message stated “We’ve been providing links to movies and shows for years. Now it’s time to say goodbye.” As a gesture of good will, they said: “Thank you for being our friends and thanks for staying with us that long.”

Respect The Filmmakers

In a twist that seems half insurance policy for the GoMovies 123 / 123Movies developers, they also encouraged their visitors to start paying to watch movies and TV shows rather than pirating them. They called this the way to show respect for filmmakers. At the end of their goodbye message, the team added “PS: Please pay for the movies/shows, that’s what we should do to show our respect to people behind the movies/shows.”

123Movies not up - gone like the wind after shut down

GoMovies 123 Say ‘Respect “Gone With the Wind” Production Efforts’ (paraphrased)

MPAA On The Prowl Against Pirate Sites like 123Movies and GoMovies123

The entire shutdown and message left are not entirely surprising, as the MPAA branded the 123Movies / GoMovies 123 site as “the most popular illegal site in the world.” Representatives of the MPAA were also visiting Vietnam to work with authorities there in an effort to bring an end to 123movies(hub)/GoMovies123.

Jan van Voorn, the MPAA Executive Vice President & Chief of Global Content Protection said “Right now, the most popular illegal site in the world, (at this point), is operated from Vietnam, and has 98 million visitors a month.”

Beware 123Movies Imposters

123Movies had changed their name a few times in recent months in an effort to avoid personal detection. They had several alternatives using various mixtures of the words go, 123, movies, and hub in their name. Nobody knows how many variations of and gomovies existed with the original moderators, but there is a storm of copycat sites these days.

You can find many variants of names including GoMovies, 123, and Movies popping up online, but be very careful. It’s possible that GoMovies 123 and 123Movies opened another site (or even more than one). It’s also quite possible some of these copycat sites are run by government or corporate agencies in sting operations trolling for pirates. If you’re not using an encrypted VPN to cover your tracks and protect your privacy, even your internet service provider is monitoring and logging your identity, location, and online activities.

Further Trouble For 123MoviesHub / GoMovies

The site had been under the gun before. The US Ambassador to Vietnam asked the Vietnamese Government to prosecute the 123movies operators criminally. He did so under the assumption Vietnam was the operators’ home turf. Also, the 123movies site was featured in the latest Notorious Markets report from the office of the US Trade Representative.

123Movies Meteoric Rise to Prominence

The GoMovies 123 developers may have changed the site’s name several times in recent months, but it hadn’t even been around for three years. They very quickly reached astronomic popularity for a startup site.

Millions of regular visitors are now on the lookout for a replacement, which shouldn’t take long to crop up. Many copycat sites have been cropping up since GoMovies and 123Movies became popular. Nature abhors a vacuum, so the sucking sound won’t last long. Advertising revenue alone on a site that popular is far too enticing for many to ignore, as is catching criminals in areas where watching unlicensed movies and TV shows is outlawed.

While the 123movies / GoMovie123 team hasn’t commented on what led them to shut the site down, speculation suggests the legal pressure got to be too much. With the MPAA breathing down the backs of the GoMovies 123Movies owners, it’s no wonder they shut these sites down. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in this niche, as the nature of the beast dictates many will take their place; for good or ill.

Stay Tuned

When checking out any of these alternatives to GoMovies 123 or 123Movies, please make sure to protect yourself with a securely encrypted VPN. Also, check the My True Media homepage for further updates along with many more ways to watch free streaming movies and TV shows online and…

May your streams never run dry!Anonymously Stream All the Online Movies, TV Shows, and Live Sports You Like With Kodi and Surfshark VPN

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