The best Amazon Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick, and Fire Cube free streaming movie apps have provided cord-cutters with a new online alternative to paid cable channels since 2014. Once unlocked, these Amazon Fire devices provide free music, cinema, games, news channels, and IPTV stations—all with no expensive cable subscription.

nbcuniversal peacock app on amazon fire tv stick

Peacock Free NBC TV Shows, Movies and Sports

In this article, you’ll find a list of must-have Amazon Fire TV Stick apps and programs to download. Many of these allow you to watch free cable channels streaming on Amazon devices. The greatest Fire Stick apps for films, sports, news, music, games, and TV shows stream free entertainment right into your home on these popular TV boxes and HDMI dongles.

Download, install, and gain access to the leading free movie streaming apps for Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV stick. If you want music, games, or television series, they’re also covered.

Note that APK installer files are typically developed for small Android device interfaces such as those found on mobile phones and tablets. Any of the following libraries may be installed on your Android phone or tablet with ease. Nearly every application mentioned here also has a variant install file for any iOS device such as iPhone or iPad.

You’ll also find many FileLinked codes for easy install of third-party TV box apps. These allow you to watch free films and TV show streams on-demand, enjoy music, play games, sports, and even PPV events or cable subscription news network broadcasts on your Amazon Fire Stick. How about some music concert coverage or even 3D movies?

How to Stream Free Movies & TV Anonymously

When using free streaming apps, a securely encrypted VPN is highly recommended to hide your identity, location, and online activities. Many experienced free video streamers, including everyone here at My True Media, prefer Surfshark VPN for price, speed, and privacy.

Providing the fastest VPN server speeds available and helpful 24/7 live chat support, Surfshark VPN has easy to use apps, including a Fire TV Stick native app. We've also arranged a special discount exclusively for My True Media readers.

Right now, you can try the Surfshark VPN app free for 30 days. Get the fastest, most secure VPN available risk-free with their 30-day money back guarantee.

Why is VPN Important?

If unsure what a VPN is, how it works, or why you really should use one, save yourself a lot of trouble and learn more about them.

Read Why Encrypted VPN is so Important: What is VPN?

Required Before Installing Many Best Jailbroken Firestick Apps

Note that most of the free movie apps for Amazon Fire TV introduced here are not available in the Amazon App Store for download and install. They were developed for Google Android phones and tablets but can be side-loaded onto your Amazon device.

Some of them have paid ads, while many are free of ads.

None of these will install directly on an iPhone or any iOS device.

What apps can you get on a jailbroken Firestick?

The following are considered the greatest apps for jailbroken Fire TV stick devices working at this time. For this reason, you will need to enable apps from unknown sources within the Amazon FireOS Settings menu to install and use most of them. The article link also provides a few best practices to watch free films along with privacy and safety tips for watching free motion pictures and TV shows online.

If you prefer visual instructions to walk you through the necessary and recommended systems settings to be changed in FireOS devices, they’re farther down in this article as well.

Highly recommended: Always protect your privacy and hide your online activities with a premium encrypted virtual private network.

Best Firestick Apps to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

As of October 2020, we’ve kept this free movie apps list regularly updated. It includes all the latest and greatest Fire TV stick apps to install that find free films and TV programs along with music, games, and live content. This includes PPV events online.

We provide source locations of all the best FireOS movie apps for Google Android. We also include many FileLinked codes to speed up the install process on your device. There may also be a few pleasant surprises in here to help you enjoy your Amazon Fire TV stick.

Without further preamble, here are the top Fire TV Stick apps to watch films and other entertainment content into your home without going broke in October 2020, most without ads. Please note that this list of working Fire TV apps for films and TV gets updates several times per month so check back often.

Surfshark VPN

Best Fire Stick App to Make Other Programs Stream Free Movies Anonymously

What is the Best VPN for Amazon Firestick and Fire TV?

Surfshark VPN Lets You Stream Anonymously

With any free films application for Amazon Firestick and Amazon Fire TV listed here, you want the protection of a high-speed, securely encrypted connection. This also applies to any Android, Windows, iOS, or Mac device. When using the Surfshark VPN app, all of your data (including what sites you visit and videos you download or stream) becomes random digital noise made up of ones and zeros to anyone trying to spy on your internet activities.

protect your streaming privacy with surfshark vpn

Governments, internet service providers, and social sharing services all track and record the online activities of their citizens, customers, and visitors. This information is then sold to advertisers, held for future profit potential, and even used in litigation against suspected copyright infringements. Surfshark VPN eliminates this possibility with military-grade 256bit AES encryption.

Year after year, Surfshark VPN has proven itself to be the fastest, most secure virtual private network available for your Amazon FireOS device. With Surfshark VPN, you eliminate buffering video and become anonymous online. Surfshark VPN will automatically connect you to the fastest network server available if that is your wish. You can also connect to any of the thousands available worldwide to bypass geo-restrictions and other censorship using unlimited devices at once.

Learn more about what makes Surfshark VPN the virtual private network used by most Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube owners in our Best Fire TV Stick VPN article. Of course, the same features that make Surfshark VPN the best virtual private network for Fire TV Stick users also make it the best VPN for free movie apps online.

By the way, if you own an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad, Surfshark VPN also makes an application especially for them.

Related link: Top 10 Best Free iOS Movie Apps for iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV

Cinema HD

Firestick APK for Free Movie and TV Streaming

How to Install Cinema APK Firestick App for Free Movies header image

Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD is a very popular app for watching free films and TV programs on an Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube. This great free films application provides a few ways to enjoy your favorite shows.

If you choose to do so, Cinema HD will automatically play the first available stream that works well with your device and connection for your chosen movie or TV show when you click on it. This avoids having to wait for the Cinema APK to scrape all the available online sources and have you select which one to play manually.

As with many of the top Firestick apps for free motion pictures and TV shows, one of the ways to watch videos is by downloading them first. This uses the BitTorrent protocol, which shares your location and identity with all other computers on the BitTorrent network. To be safe, always turn on your Surfshark VPN app and connect through a securely encrypted server to remain anonymous while using any of the best Firestick apps listed here.

Along with being able to search for titles, you can browse the many categories and channels available in One Box HD quite easily with your Firestick remote. Cinema HD even allows you to filter the results by genre.

Within Cinema HD, you will experience ads on occasion. Simply use the back button on your Fire TV remote to dismiss ads when they appear.

Download & Install Cinema APK

Note that the provided address to be used to download Cinema HD is simply a shortened version of the URL. This is to save some typing for those of you using your Amazon Firestick remote control to install the app. If you get tired of typing with a Firestick remote, you’re not alone. Check out this miniature back-lit Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad and you may never go back!



Known as the Jailbreak Amazon Firestick App

How to Install Kodi on Firestick, Fire TV, or Cube Updated header image

Kodi Entertainment Center Software

Kodi, possibly the most popular free streaming Fire TV software available, installs easily onto the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Without this Android APK, the Fire TV stick would have been a popular device, but not the must-have item it has become. When used with the best Kodi VPN, watching free films, TV shows, news, and sports online is safe and secure.

Kodi jailbreak fire TV app for streaming films and tv shows

Kodi gives you a lot more control when you jailbreak your Fire TV stick before you install it, but with a little further participation required of you. Specialized add-ons exist for nearly every streaming video application you can imagine on a jailbroken Fire Stick.

Third-party Kodi add-ons are worth the extra effort to avoid all the paid ads.

Whether you like motion pictures, TV programs, news, anime, cooking shows, documentaries, sports, or even XXX pleasures on your Fire TV stick, Kodi delivers. You will need to install add-ons and keep them updated, then research and source replacements to install once they fail.

Third-party add-ons frequently disappear, especially when they rapidly gain in popularity. A new fork, alternative, or replacement always pops up immediately, if not before the disappearance. Open-sourced add-ons require you to do research once in a while. Feel free to visit the Best Kodi Add-ons article link anytime to find out about the latest and greatest working free movie or TV add-ons.

Many of its addons provide access to nearly any free new movie online. It’s easily been the most popular of the free movie apps for watching on an Android, Windows, or Fire Stick device for years now. If you want to watch any movie or listen to music on your Amazon Fire TV, addons can likely provide it without a paid subscription.

When most people mention “jailbreak Fire TV stick apps,” they usually put this at the top of their list. To jailbreak a Firestick has become synonymous with a Kodi install in popular culture.

You can learn much more about what it is and how it can be used in our What is Kodi article link here. You can also learn to install Kodi on Firestick quickly.

Download Kodi APK Not Available From Amazon App Store

You will not find Kodi on Amazon for install. Amazon does not like competition, and they’d probably prefer you not jailbreak the Fire TV stick at all. Its popularity makes it beyond competitive with their Prime service.

Some third-party add-ons even locate Amazon cinema as IPTV channels online for your FireOS player. The install price of free can’t be beat. Be aware that many add-ons also provide adult channels, which are illegal to watch in some areas.

It’s not hard to understand why this Android installer file isn’t in the Amazon marketplace for install on the Fire Stick device. Too many people find the competition with paid apps and services no competition at all. Amazon cannot ignore this.

Kodi is found in Google Play, though. The easiest way to get a copy to side-load on the Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV remains a direct download from the official site using Downloader. You can use the Downloader app, ES File Explorer, or any other application that lets you download and install Android installer files. Install one of these first, then install Kodi using it.

If unfamiliar with Kodi, it may blow your mind. By the way, you can stream from a FireOS or Windows PC device to Roku, but this media library will not install on the Roku player device.

On the surface, this media center software resembles Plex in many ways. Much like Plex, you can stream your local video library to many devices and customize its interface. What’s the main difference between Kodi and Plex? The main reason people choose it over Plex is the option to install third-party add-ons. We’ll get to those in a moment.

Trusted Kodi APK Download Source

You’ll want to select the ARMv7A file for Android from the link below in the Downloader browser. This will install Kodi Leia on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV straight from the source; the Kodi project’s downloads page.


Kodi FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Code

  • 30689042

Typhoon TV APK

Add-free Titanium TV & Terrarium TV replacement app

how to install typhoon tv apk on firestick and android

Typhoon TV Android & Firestick App

Like many working Terrarium TV clones lately, Typhoon TV has zero advertising and working streams out the wazoo. Finding shows to watch takes no time at all.

install typhoon tv on firestick4k

Based upon the Titanium TV clone of TTV, the Typhoon TV app interface is super easy to navigate. While Typhoon TV opens to the trending TV series category, you can set the homepage to any available category in the easy to follow settings area.

Playing a selected video in Typhoon allows you to select available subtitles from OpenSubtitles, Subscene, Makedie, and SubHD sites.

Much like with CatMouse, a Real-Debrid account provides more high definition streams. Trakt integration is also really sweet if you like to keep track of which shows you’ve watched, bookmark your favorites, and be able to see that info in any other service compatible app.

stream free disney+ only where not illegal

Streaming Media Without Subscription Illegal in Many Areas

Note that Typhoon TV doesn’t let you download video and subtitle files to watch later offline like CatMouse. Other than that, this is a great Firestick app for streaming free movies and TV series.

Visit our Typhoon TV APK guide and review for more details.

Typhoon TV APK Installer Download


Typhoon TV Filelinked Code (DroidAdmin)

  • 29021883

CatMouse APK

Improved and updated Terrarium TV clone without ads

CatMouse Firestick App

CatMouse Firestick & Android App

This highly improved clone of the late, great Terrarium TV has no ads and tons of working streams. You can find nearly any movie or TV show you’d like to watch.

install CatMouse APK on Firestick 4K

The use of subtitles in CatMouse couldn’t be easier. When you select a show to watch, CatMouse asks if you’d like to Play, Play with subtitles, Play with…, Download, Download with subtitles, or Copy stream link.

Note that the “Stream with…” option opened the selected video in Kodi on my Firestick 4K. This may allow the selection of which video player app to use after installing MX Player and/or VLC. These two video player apps are provided as alternates to the built-in EXO Player app in CatMouse settings. The included ad-free version of EXO Player has been working great.

The Terrarium TV interface that millions came to love is fully intact. You can set the CatMouse homepage to open on any category page you want. Setting favorites is easy as click, and you can have it open to your Favorites category automatically. Shown below, CatMouse opens to the Trending TV Series category.

catmouse default home page trending tv series

Trending TV Series Home Page in CatMouse

If you have a Real-Debrid account, CatMouse provides even more 720p and 1080p streams from the Real-Debrid fast, private servers. Also, the Trakt integration in CatMouse is outstanding.

Feel free to visit our CatMouse APK installation tutorial and review for all the details.

CatMouse APK Installer Download

You can install CatMouse APK on Firestick with the following shortened URL which currently redirects to I didn’t think you’d want to type that.


With your permission, the app will update itself if an update is available.

CyberFlix TV

Terrarium TV streaming app clone with no ads and great Real-Debrid integration

install cyberflix apk firestick app

CyberFlix TV APK

This highly popular streaming app is much like other Terrarium TV and Cinema HD clones coming out recently. The simplicity of the APK user interface is very nice. There are plenty of improvements in the code, and leaving out the ads is a much appreciated feature.

cyberflix apk download

With the ability to download your TV shows and favorite movies, you aren’t restricted to streaming live online. You can take your shows with you when you leave the internet service area. Downloading videos also helps stop buffering issues when you have a slower internet connection.

Real-Debrid account integration within CyberFlix TV is simple and the best way to go for high quality video streams. You’ll find plenty of great 720p and 1080p quality streams when going through Real-Debrid. The high-speed servers they use usually make buffering a non-issue.

cyberflix apk tv and movie streaming app

Cyberflix APK Movies

Refer to our CyberFlix APK install and setup guide for more info.

CyberFlix TV APK Installer Download



Firestick Free Movie Streaming App

How to Install TeaTV on Firestick header image

TeaTV Free Movie Streaming

For free movie streaming, TeaTV cannot be beaten. TeaTV is a high quality jailbreak Fire TV stick application to watch free cinema releases. While the IPTV applications are limited, you’ll see a huge number of free TV show streams available.

TeaTV is a great free films app for Firestick users!

While this high definition application will also let you watch TV shows free, it’s one of the greatest apps for free films available. The best free flix can be found with TeaTV.

Download Movies & TV Shows with TeaTV

Using TeaTV, you have the option to watch videos right now or download films free to enjoy offline. As a movie download app, TeaTV gives you the option to download films and TV programs to watch offline later. If your Fire Stick connection isn’t fast enough for high definition video, HD films download for offline viewing just fine to watch later with TeaTV.

Please note TeaTV uses the BitTorrent protocol to download free film and TV program files. This means it will share your location with everyone else accessing them. This is aside from the typical broadcast of your location and identity to anyone intentionally listening to your online activities such as your ISP. Be sure you have your Surfshark VPN app connected when using TeaTV.

Download & Install TeaTV Free Movies App

TeaTV is a top alternative to replace TerrariumTV after its developer quit and abandoned his users. They come from the same original code, yet TeaTV is thriving. With TeaTV on a Firestick or Android device, most free movie lovers have found bliss once more.

Note that the address below redirects to the GitHub one. It just seemed like a friendly thing to do for those typing with a Fire TV remote control. I know typing long URLs can be a pain when navigating that on-screen keyboard with the Amazon Firestick remote. Using a small back-lit Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad works much easier.

Use the free Downloader browser to side-load TeaTV APK onto your Fire Stick or Android to watch free content.


FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Codes for TeaTV

You can use FileLinked (DroidAdmin) to get TeaTV and install it on your Fire Stick fast if you don’t mind giving up a bit of control. Note the TeaTV APK accessed with the FileLinked codes provided here is an ad-free version link. There are also many other ad-free movie apps in these FileLinked app stores.

  • 54383119
  • 38525488

Peacock TV

NBC TV Show, Movie, and Sports App

Peacock TV is a new app from NBCUniverse that lets you stream their TV shows, movies, and even live sports broadcasts. Much of the content can be watched for free with ads, though some requires their premium service.

How to Install Peacock TV App

Peacock TV: NBC Shows, Movies & Sports

Signing up for the NBC Peacock service is as simple as giving them an email and choosing a password. No credit card is necessary to access their free tier IPTV service.

With NBCUniverse and Amazon battling it out over who gets which ad proceeds from the app, it may be a long time before the Peacock app becomes available in the Amazon app store. Do not fear, as side-loading this app is as easy as…

While using the Peacock app is free for most of the content, you may find it restricted in your region. No sweat; just turn on your Surfshark VPN and stream away!

Live NetTV

Firestick Live Streaming App

live net tv apk on firestick

Live Net TV Streaming Channels

With a name like LiveNetTV, you would need to deliver stellar video streaming performance. Live NetTV does so. They provide a wide variety of streaming content in several different languages. LiveNet TV has hundreds of streaming channels but offers much more than that.

This app’s Live TV selection stands out from the crowd. Before getting to that, you should hear about the Live Events and VOD sections.

Live Events in Live NetTV

The Live Events section found in Live NetTV lets you watch news and sports streams from games around the world. If Rugby, Soccer, or Tennis are your drug of choice, you’ll love all the sports channels. MLB games even appear with high-speed streams available to avoid buffering.


You’ll find the VOD area full of free cinematic releases. At first glance, the content seems the same as found with other streaming video apps. One notable difference is the ability to scroll through the list by language. English and Hindi Dubbed, Punjabi, Indian, Arabic, Farsi, and Animated films are here. The television area has a similar regional setup. You can also find Cooking, News, and Entertainment sections among many others.

24/7 live net tv channels movies

International Live NetTV 24/7 Movies Channels

If you speak English as a second language, you may find Live NetTV a great option for global content. The regional feeds are excellent. There is also a large assortment of logical settings to personalize it. This includes hiding or rearranging the application’s layout, which is awesome. Why don’t more apps allow this degree of customization?

Find out all about this great live TV streaming app in our comprehensive Live Net TV APK review and installation guide.

Download Live Net TV

The link URL below provides a direct download of the Live NetTV APK file from the site.


Install Live NetTV with FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Codes

  • 78453870
  • 76115743


free movies and TV shows app with great Real-Debrid and Integration

install beetv apk firestick tv app

BeeTV Free Movie & TV Shows App

Another great working Terrarium TV clone, BeeTV finds a huge number of streams. While the “official” BeeTV has ads, there is a fork that is kept fully updated with no advertisements.

With a Real-Debrid account, you can limit BeeTV to only showing results from that service. This gives you access to only valid streaming media sources, all in the definition your hardware and internet connection can handle.

Visit our BeeTV APK guide and review for more details.

BeeTV APK Installer Download


Exodus Live TV

Best Live TV App for Amazon Fire Stick

Exodus IPTV delivers endless streams of TV channel feeds. Without a doubt, one of the greatest streaming apps available, this list would not be complete without it.

Exodus Live TV streaming firestick app

Unlike most apps that find free films, Exodus IPTV focuses on television. You won’t find many recordings of free films or TV shows here. The section for these is minimal in Exodus IPTV.

You also can’t sort or search them the same as in most of the apps introduced here. This application does not carry old content. Regional content sections are included. Caribbean & African, UK & Canada, and the United States are in attendance.

The massive number of TV channels provided by Exodus Live TV are too many to list here. Nobody should have difficulty finding their favorite channels. You’ll find all the top channels listed in Exodus. You’ll also find some rarities such as Gem Travel, Beach TV, NDTV, Pregnancy Workout, and Info Wars. You’ll even find the Hustler channel available.

Aside from having a massive variety of content, the Exodus Live TV app also makes accessing it to watch free real-time TV online very easy. You’ll find no clutter or confusing menus to search through. Scroll through the listings or use the search function to find a show.

This is an excellent selection if you want real-time TV on your Fire TV stick or Android, but it doesn’t work with iOS.

Please note this Exodus Application for IPTV streaming is not to be confused with the Exodus on Kodi, which is the most popular add-on ever.

Exodus Live TV FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Codes

  • 68684047
  • 78453870
  • 76115743

FreeFlix HQ

Firestick Streaming App for Free Movies and TV Shows

How to Install FreeFlix HQ APK on Fire TV, Firestick, and Cube header image

FreeFlix HQ Free Movies App

This streaming application may seem quite like many others at first glance. Like others, FreeFlix HQ offers access to tons of free flix and TV series. This doesn’t make it one of the best options to jailbreak Fire TV stick devices. FreeFlix HQ belongs on jailbreak Firestick devices for far more than free flix and TV programs.

free Firestick app FreeFlix HQ

If you’d like access to a TV schedule to see when a show comes on, FreeFlix HQ has it. Whether it’s an upcoming broadcast or the premiere of a new TV series, you’ll find it listed.

Many great categories also exist to search for video streams to watch. Ranging from wrestling to anime and even IPTV, FreeFlix HQ has a category to suit most interests.

A few ways exist to view flix once you settle on what to watch. FreeFlix HQ offers a choice of servers to access each free movie title. Some servers provide file size options for video quality and connection capabilities. Select 1080p if your connection can handle it. If not, then select something smaller to do away with buffering.

Download Movies & TV Shows with FreeFlix HQ

With FreeFlix HQ, you don’t have to watch films online to enjoy them. This app gives you the option to download films and TV programs to view later. If you want to see your favorite movie on the road, or even watch a cooking show while camping in the outback, FreeFlix HQ has you covered.

FreeFlix HQ Not Only for Fire TV and Firestick

While the iOS version of FreeFlix HQ hasn’t released yet, it is on the way. You can install FreeFlix HQ on any Android device running version 4 or newer of the operating system. Get all the great features of FreeFlix HQ on your Android phone or tablet by downloading it with the instructions below.

Download & Install From Trusted FreeFlix HQ Source URLs

If you try FreeFlix HQ on your Fire Stick, you won’t be sorry. As with most any free app, you can easily download the install file. Note that FreeFlix HQ has ARM and x86 APK versions available. The Amazon Fire TV and Firestick will only run the ARM version. Keep that in mind when visiting a link below with the Downloader browser.


FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Codes for FreeFlix HQ

You can also use FileLinked (DroidAdmin) to get and install quickly and easily.

  • 76115743
  • 87868941


Firestick Free Movies & TV Streaming App

TVZion is an excellent all-in-one Firestick application for streaming free flix and TV shows. There is a tremendous amount of content available to watch online, and TVZion finds it for you.

How to Install TVZion APK Download Firestick App header image

TVZion Free Movies and Free TV Shows APK

Keeping your internet activities private and watching free TV and free films anonymously on TVZion is only possible with the Surfshark VPN app running and connected.

The install process to get TVZion on a Amazon Firestick is not difficult at all. It’s a simple matter of unlocking the FireOS device, downloading the TV Zion file, then install it.

Popcorn Time

Firestick Free Cinematic Movie App

Popcorn Time is a very well known free movie and TV show app. The interface is straightforward to use on a Fire Stick, and the quality of media found is fantastic. The library of content available online is staggering, and PopcornTime finds more flix than you’ll be able to watch in a lifetime.

How to Install Popcorn Time on Amazon Firestick and Fire TV header image

Popcorn Time APK Free Movies and TV App

This app is not a website. Note that we are not talking about the PopcornFlix site here. PopcornFlix has an app as well, but it is mainly a free website.

The Popcorn Time free alternative to apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime has been in the news a lot just for its court cases. There have even been court cases with Popcorn Time streamers being dragged into court. Find out more about ongoing Popcorn Time court cases.

While Popcorn Time finds free motion pictures online indiscriminately, it seems some people believe it was made primarily to access pirated content. No matter which side of this fence you watch from, make sure to keep your activities, location, and identity private with your Surfshark VPN app connected when using free streaming Firestick apps.


Free Amazon Firestick IPTV and Movie App

If you’ve had a passion for free movie apps for a while, you’ve already heard of or used Mobdro. Consistent updates and an excellent interface keep this streaming music and video application popular. Needless to say, it’s an excellent application to install for how to jailbreak Fire TV.

How to Install Mobdro on Firestick for FREE TV Channels troypoint alternative

Live TV on Amazon Fire Stick

While made for a Google Android device, the developers had big-screen television in mind when they designed and released this free app. It looks perfect on big screens run by FireOS. The navigation is also top-notch. They placed the very easy to read menu across the top of the screen. Adjustments for every setting are right below the menu.

Mobdro is a classic application to watch free TV channels without hassles or complications. Once you install and start it up, you will love the massive selection of content choices.

Do you like watching animals? Are you hooked on podcasts? Play games? Would you like to check out some CCTV cams from various spots around the world? This streaming video application has some of everything and a lot of many things. Feel free to visit topics from around the world from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy recliner. Its software searches for and finds free streams online, so content changes often. What kind of categories can you expect in Mobdro? Channels, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Gaming, Tech, Spiritual, Podcasts, and Animals.

This fantastic app will install and work on most Android devices. It excels for use on the Amazon 4K Firestick and Amazon Fire TV, though. Featuring parental controls, which many of you may love for your kids’ sake. You can even set Mobdro to only offer streams in your chosen language.

You CAN Watch Live TV on Amazon Fire Stick!

The best unlocked Fire Stick will provide a selection of video on demand along with many broadcast events. Connecting through their Surfshark VPN app with the following program, many people agree that this is how to watch IPTV channels on jailbroken Fire TV stick devices.

Download & Install Mobdro APK with FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Codes

  • 56540145
  • 78453870
  • 76115743
  • 87868941


Firestick App to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

Even if seeking free apps to install on your Amazon Firestick for many days, you may not have seen Appflix. This Fire Stick program doesn’t have the recognition of most apps used when learning how to jailbreak Firestick devices (much like Bluemax). Regardless, this app deserves a mention here and more; you should check it out.

stream free movies and TV shows on firestick with AppFlix

Appflix has a good visual appearance, a very clean layout, and intuitive navigation. Getting to watch the shows you want, whether free films or TV shows, will pose no problem with Appflix.

When first started, Appflix opens into its movie listings. This contains a great and varied selection of films. You’ll find old and new movies categorized in many different ways. Appflix has sections such as Popular, Now Playing, Top Rated, and even genre-specific areas. The TV listings present this same easy-to-browse structure. You can both discover great new titles and find specific ones with ease.

You’ll also find Appflix has the expected features of a free movies app. You can favorite films and TV shows for easy access later or watch downloaded content.

You can even directly download films and TV shows within Appflix for viewing later. News of this option may really help those with a slower internet connection. It helps avoid buffering issues due to slow internet connections.

The lack of setup options leaves some people feeling hindered. If you like it simple and want to watch films and TV shows without a lot of bells and whistles, this may be the app for you. You can also choose your provider, change languages, and adjust subtitles.

Download & Install Appflix From A Trusted Source

You can find Appflix in Google Play, but that doesn’t do much for you if you’re using a Fire TV or Firestick. You won’t find Applix in the Amazon App Store. Amazon doesn’t seem to appreciate competition with their Amazon Prime service.

You can download Appflix from many sites, but we’ve chosen Aptoide as the download site. Aptoide has been around forever with a great trust score. Use Downloader to put AppFlix on your Fire Stick with the following link.


Appflix FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Codes

You can also use FileLinked (DroidAdmin) for super easy install.

  • 78453870
  • 76115743

Aptoide TV

Android Streaming Video App

Aptoide TV for free movie and TV apps on the Fire Stick

You may have noticed the download link for Appflix came from the Aptoide site. Many of our download links come from Aptoide. This news may give you pause to wonder what’s up with that. Aptoide is a great supplement to the Amazon App Store and Google Play. It’s also a very well respected and trusted site that has stood its ground without flaking out or backing down.

Aptoide TV is not connected to the Aptoide App Store site. Aptoide TV is a wonderful application developed by TacoTheDank for Android. It works very well on the Fire TV and Firestick without bogging down resources. Grab a copy and try it out. You will be pleasantly surprised by all that Aptoide TV offers.

Downlaod & Install Aptoide TV from Aptoide



Top Firestick Bollywood & Cricket Streaming App

For indulging in a Bollywood movie fest or to catch a real-time India Premier League T20, HotStar can’t be beaten. This is the premier Indian streaming video application for news, motion pictures, TV series, and streaming sports events.

HotStar Cricket, Sports, and Bollywood Streaming App for Firestick

HotStar’s parent company, Star India, only makes HotStar watchable from within India and a few select viewing markets in the surrounding region. Getting around this geo-restriction is child’s play by spoofing your location with Surfshark VPN. You can appear to be anywhere in the world when you choose a proper virtual private network .

We have an extensive HotStar article on this website that teaches how to download, install, and use HotStar when outside of their restrictive territory. Feel free to access IPL cricket matches, all your Bollywood favorites, and regional news or games from wherever you happen to be.

enjoy sports, and movie channels in hotstar firestick app

Hotstar Channels

Install HotStar app from the Amazon App Store

If trying to access HotStar from outside India and a select few nearby regions, you’ll need to make some changes before using the HotStar app is allowed. Check our HotStar article for all the details. You can access the HotStar app from the Amazon App Store address below.

Sony Crackle

Film & TV Series for Fire Stick

A subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, the Crackle service has its own app going by the same name. The Crackle app can be downloaded free from the Amazon App Store.

Split into two main categories of channels, Crackle has films and TV episodes. Also available for any iOS device such as the iPhone or iPad, Crackle is a great free offering from the tech giant. Note that Crackle monetizes its Hollywood films and television series offerings with ads.

Download Sony Crackle from the Amazon App Store for Firestick and Fire TV Cube.

Pluto TV

Free Firestick Streaming Channels App

Would you like to freely pick from over a hundred channels of endless streaming TV? Visit Youtube. Hey, just kidding! Pluto TV provides fresh, legally licensed content for your entertainment and education. Download this free app to enjoy free IPTV on your FireOS device with no worries about infringing on any media creation copyrights, including Youtube. Pluto TV content is supported by ads.

Pluto TV contains more than a hundred live television channels to choose from. These channels come in many genres. The main channels focus on news, sports, and entertainment. Aside from these, you’ll find thousands of motion pictures and TV programs to watch and enjoy.

Pluto TV also makes it a weekly priority to add a new hit movie to its programming. The Pluto TV developers keep it continuously updated and maintained.

Download & Install Pluto TV from the Most Trusted Firestick Site


Fire TV Stick Free Video & Music App

Stremio is a modern favorite streaming app for many Firestick cord-cutters ditching paid cable subscriptions. It’s quite similar to Kodi in the use of plugins for streaming content access and other features. You may find Stremio exactly what you’re looking for.

There are both official and unofficial Stremio add-ons. Plugins can provide you with all the movies, TV shows, live sports, music, and even premium commercial network streaming services that you could ever want.

Trusted Download & Install of Stremio Installer

Stremio has its own website and download page, so there’s no need to trust a third-party site with the download of the APK. You can also get Stremio from the Google Play Store, though it can’t be found at the Amazon App Store.


ShowBox HD

Firestick Streaming Video APK

How to Download & Install ShowBox APK Android App header image

ShowBox HD Free Movie Streaming App

Please Note: ShowBox and its unprotected users are currently being investigated heavily by a conglomerate of media corporation legal departments. On the heels of an ongoing lawsuit against the Popcorn Time developer and one of its users, this is troublesome for many online movie streamers. Streaming movie viewers in geographical areas where this isn’t illegal and those who did so only through a top encrypted Virtual Private Network such as Surfshark VPN should not be affected by this news.

A very popular free film app, ShowBox has been around for years. That alone makes it a Firestick application to watch, but there is far more to it. While it works very well on Android phones and tablets, running it on the Fire TV and Firestick has a few quirks to consider.

Related link: MovieBox on iPhone | Show Box App for iOS

The ShowBox APK provides access to tons of new and classic content, both network series and new releases. It doesn’t have as many free films as TeaTV. It does seem to get new HD releases faster than most other free movie apps, though.

jailbreak firestick with showbox, one of the best Firestick apps for movies

You’ll find a great News section next to Favorites, Movie Trailers, and all the usual suspects. The News section should bring a smile to your face if you love geeking out to ephemera. Find information on whatever interests you. ShowBox captures news with a very wide net and provides fresh news items throughout the day.

That Favorites category gets filled in by you and doesn’t stop there. Tell ShowBox which shows are your favorites. Then, you can set it up to notify you when a new episode or movie becomes available. Hardcore fans can now check out their favorite shows right away.

The Showbox APK seems to have a picture quality limit of 720p HD, but these come from very high-quality sources. Up against 1080p from almost any other free movie app, you might suspect the others of stretching the truth.

This may help: Mouse Toggle on Firestick

It is very important to protect yourself while using any third-party apps, as much of the content they find on the Internet is provided by unlicensed sources. Whether on FireOS or Windows, it makes no difference. In some locations such as the UK and USA, you can be charged massive fines for streaming unlicensed motion pictures, TV shows, live games, and sporting events and more if streamed from one of these unlicensed sources.

ShowBox also supports torrent downloads. This is good news for connections too slow to watch content without constant buffering, but bad for personal privacy. With the watchdogs all keen to bust torrent users, it’s a very good idea to protect yourself with the Surfshark VPN app when using this free streaming Firestick app.

You can access any subtitles available at within ShowBox HD itself. You don’t need to head to their site and then put the subtitle and video files together anymore.

free movie apps with DroidAdmin FileLinked Codes

Using an app like LocalCast or AllCast, you can even watch motion pictures and TV programs to your smart TV or Chromecast. Of course, if you use a Fire TV or Firestick, you can plug it right into the HDMI port on your TV set.

ShowBox provides access to tons of free films and TV shows. You can add streaming videos to a favorites list to be notified when new episodes come available. Show Box also has a very easy to use interface and navigation, so you won’t get lost trying to find your favorite shows.

If your internet connection is slow, you can use ShowBox HD to download films and TV shows to watch later with no buffering issues. This also helps when you travel, as you never know when you might be stuck without the internet or have a terrible connection with shared hotel internet service.

ShowBox streams in 460p, 480p, and 720p resolutions. Sadly, 1080p and better aren’t available. The quality of videos provided is nearly identical to the 1080p streams found with most other apps, though.

If the title you choose to watch on your Firestick has subtitles available at, then the great integration with ShowBox HD will let you have streamed subtitles right in the app while you watch the show. You can even cast your streams to your smart TV or Chromecast by using helper apps like LocalCast or Allcast.

Trusted Download & Install URL for ShowBox HD

You can download ShowBox from its home site. The installer file link from Aptoide is proven clean and safe when used with a proper virtual private network app connection.


FileLinked (DroidAdmin) Codes for Showbox APK

Or use FileLinked (DroidAdmin) to get it installed.

  • 76115743

Enable Apps From Unknown Sources Video

If you get along better with video instruction than the written word, feel free to help yourself to this Youtube video walk-through of ways to unlock your Fire TV to allow third-party application installs. The Fire TV system changes covered are the only way to watch free movies online with Android apps not found in the official Amazon App Store.

Firestick Apps FAQ’n’A

Can I watch free movies and TV on Firestick?

Most of the apps in our list above provide free streaming movies. For the best, I currently use CatMouse. The number of working streams available in this app is staggering, especially if using your Real-Debrid account.

Can I watch live TV channels on Firestick?

There are less live TV apps on Firestick than for watching movies and TV series. You can download Android APK that work to install on Amazon Firesticks for live TV, though. For the most free channels, I’d have to pick Live Net TV or the Mobdro APK as the best. Note that most VOD and live TV channels provided by free Firestick apps are likely blocked by your ISP if not connecting through your Surfshark VPN app.

What channels can I get free on Firestick?

Once you enable apps from unknown sources, also known as jailbreaking a Firestick, you can watch nearly any streaming TV channel free online. This includes Fox News, CNN, HBO, Showtime, BeIN Sports, and a whole lot more. You can even find PPV and paid app streams such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+ with Firestick apps available in this list.

How do you download apps on an Amazon Fire Stick?

After a Firestick is jailbroken and protected by Surfshark VPN, getting third-party Android APK apps on there is a breeze.
The Downloader app, freely available in the Amazon App Store, can download Firestick apps and Android APK files from any source. This same great app from AFTVNews will also install the APK on your Firestick once downloaded.

Final Firestick Apps Words

We highly recommend that you stay within a secure virtual private network tunnel when using any of the top Fire TV Stick apps for music, motion pictures, and TV shows. Top VPNs like Surfshark VPN will hide your location, identity, and all your online activities from everyone… even your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If you have a recommendation or comment, contact us below. Now, safely watch what you want when you want with the best apps for jailbroken Fire TV stick devices and…

May your streams never run dry!

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Jeff · 2020-03-04 at 7:59 pm

How do make a account with tunnel vision?

Jobie · 2019-05-05 at 3:53 pm

Still sad to be done with Terrarium TV for good, but Cinema and FreeFlix are doing good for me.

wee dug · 2019-04-26 at 9:39 am

just found your page downloaded a few things onto firestick, brilliant so far thank you, for all your time and effort, 10/10

axel smith · 2019-04-23 at 10:55 pm

i think cenima and mobdro apk is best …

Evan · 2018-11-22 at 8:39 am

I used ShowBox with my VPN and it worked without any lags or speed drops, although haven’t tried with other apps. I will definitely follow your article to check some of them, thanks!;)

DawgChau · 2018-11-14 at 11:11 pm

These Firestick apps work well on my Android phone, too! I have a Samsung Galaxy and both Kodi and Show Box went on there no sweat!

kris · 2018-10-17 at 7:13 am

on my amazin fire tv really like the including tea tv. tried showbox with the mouse toggle too and kodi is good sometimes will check popcorn time app too.

Eloy · 2018-10-01 at 3:54 pm

The kids are mesmerized by cartoons on our fire stick. Thank you sooo much!

Sy Hien · 2018-09-19 at 10:48 pm

For the jailbreak post and all these firestick applications, thank you!

Consorti · 2018-09-12 at 2:02 am

Thanks you! Terrarium TV going down caused me to panick! I’ll be trying a few of these!

Sumiko · 2018-09-02 at 8:30 am

What can we play for games on Firestick? I’m most wondering for the remote control stick.

unome · 2018-08-29 at 12:56 pm

There are somany firestick apps for streaming movies and stuff. Is kodi really the best or just the most popular?

protinator · 2018-08-29 at 3:02 am

Do all of these Firestick apps show the same movies?

Cathryn · 2018-08-28 at 7:48 pm

My mom was spellbound by the Freeflix hq app and was able to use it herself. Thank you and God bless.

Aimee · 2018-08-26 at 3:57 am

Does anybody know which of these Firestick apps gets the most old western movies? Trying to set up a jailbroken Firestick for my dad and he really enjoys to watch classic westerns, especially the old spaghetti westerns.

Snowball · 2018-08-26 at 12:49 am

Hi Alice

I think I need a Firestick app that works for streaming movies with a slower connection or maybe lets me download to watch without streaming. I try to connect to streaming websites and it never works.


    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-27 at 11:48 am

    Hey Snowball,

    Most of these apps will provide access to streaming video in various resolutions from many different servers, so you can choose lower quality from faster servers to help out. It honestly sounds like your ISP may be slowing down your connection when you try connecting to streaming movie websites, though. Many ISPs, especially in the UK and USA, do that now. I’m going to assume you’re not on a dial-up connection. 😉 Are you using a VPN? This usually keeps internet service providers from punishing you for or censoring what you do online. By slowing you down or making certain sites unavailable to you, they can save a lot of money in bandwidth to make their stockholders happy. You can find out more about what a VPN is, what they do, and why they’re so necessary in our What is VPN? article.

Lenoir · 2018-08-25 at 1:31 am

Thank you so much! I’ve been messing with Kodi and many broken plugins too long and looking for alternatives. This list is exactly what I wanted!

Hawk · 2018-08-15 at 5:10 pm

really nice coverage of firestick apps for movie streaming.

Mickey · 2018-08-10 at 11:10 pm

most complete list of working apps for free movies and shows on a firestick I could find. thanks. keep up the good work.

Shannon Gervais · 2018-08-07 at 7:23 pm

What’s up, Kodi works great on my Android phone and I bet most of these other Firestick apps would also. I wanna try a few more and I’ll report back. Thanks for the list and easy instructions!

Clyde Akhavan · 2018-07-29 at 9:35 am

How do we watch new movies without getting letters threatening to turn off our internet?

    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-13 at 4:25 pm

    Hey Clyde, thanks for reminding me. It’s been a while since I got one. I went ahead and included the best VPN for streaming free movies and TV shows into the article. I know it’s necessary, but forget all about it when it’s running.

Grates · 2018-07-29 at 8:49 am

Many thanks! Both Kodi and Showbox are absolutely rocking!

piceno86 · 2018-07-27 at 10:01 am

Amazing what the internet can do with a little know-how. Watching movies and shows that are only available online in my region. It sux that vigilant security is necessary, but suppose that’s also the way it is walking down the street these days. When anyone in the shadows can remain anonymous and spy you from all the way on the other side of the world, it’s time to protect yourself or become a statistic. Thanks for providing the “Independence Day” discount, though I don’t live in the US. lol

Lapiana · 2018-07-25 at 7:58 pm

Good apps for streaming movies on my Firestick online. Thanks

Emilie Valotta · 2018-07-25 at 1:00 pm

Are you gonna do an easy to follow writeup for how to use Stremio addons? I’ve looked at a couple of your Kodi guides and like how easy they are. A friend uses Stremio.

    Alice on Fire · 2018-07-30 at 9:37 pm

    Hiya Emily!

    Absolutely and thank you very much! The Stremio article has sat languishing for weeks. Thank you also for reminding me to get it done already.

Palley Stormwind · 2018-07-19 at 1:31 am

It amazes me so many apps on Firestick find so many free movies streaming online.

Corbin · 2018-07-16 at 11:07 pm

Thank you for the good selection of Firestick apps for movies.

Belile · 2018-07-05 at 3:47 pm

Modbro is the good app and so is kodi.

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