You’ll find today’s best Kodi addons in the following list. More importantly, these are the best working Kodi addons! Kodi TV addons come and go every day, so keeping up-to-date often seems quite futile.

Of course, any list of best Kodi addons can cause vigorous debate, so don’t consider this subjective list the end game. We try to report the up and comers along with the longtime champs, though not many champs exist for long in the Kodi community of third-party addons. Let us know in the comments below if you find a great working addon to place on our list.

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Best Kodi Addons List for April 2019


Exodus Install Details

  • Repo Name: KodiBae (found within Lazy Kodi repo)
  • Repo URL:

Free Movie & TV Streaming Kodi Addon

Exodus probably needs no introduction here. Arguably the most popular Kodi addon of all time, Exodus development and maintenance was stopped by its original developer (Lambda) last year. Many Exodus alternatives have sprung up, but any attempts at improvement of the original seem to lessen the mass appeal of this great Kodi addon.

This update to the original Exodus Kodi addon has simply brought it up to date with a new scraping ability that provides tons of great working links to streaming movies and TV shows. Check out a more complete write-up of the KodiBae version 6.0 of Lamba’s original Exodus in our Updated Exodus article.

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Install Details

  • Repo Name: MaverickTV
  • Repo URL:

The Pyramid Alternative Kodi Addon (The Dog’s Bollocks Renamed)

The Magic Dragon Kodi addon is simply The Dogs Bollocks add-on under a new name. This, in turn, was a fork of The Pyramid, a Kodi favorite all-in-one addon. The Magic Dragon add-on offers Movies, Catchup TV, Documentaries, Kids Section, Music, Radio, and Sports categories.

Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter Install Details

  • Repo Name: Diamond Wizard
  • Repo URL:

Kodi One-Click Exodus Alternative Addon

Movie Theater Butter from the Diamond Wizard repository may just be the best working Exodus alternative addon aside from Exodus itself. Featuring a new “one click to play” ability gives Movie Theater Butter an edge over the competition in terms of user friendliness. Simply choose a title from the list found online by the addon and click on it. Movie Theater Butter will then select the best working stream of the title for your connection and play it automatically.

No more searching through secondary lists of streaming media servers for a fast server when your connection is capable of 4K streams onto your big screen 4K HDTV. Likewise, buffering becomes a bit less likely for those with slower connections or bandwidth-greedy internet service providers as Movie Theater Butter will start a lower quality stream for you.

Monster Munch

Monster Munch Addon Install Details

  • Repo Name: StepToes
  • Repo URL:

One-Click to Play All-in-One Addon

Monster Munch may just be the best all-in-one Kodi addon of all time to many people. The fact that it finds tons of movies and TV shows online isn’t all that special, as many addons do that. The number of working streams and great categories for browsing and search make it fully worthy of installation.

What’s the ability that makes Monster Munch an absolute must-have for any Kodi media center setup? Monster Munch first offers the video titles it finds freely available online to you. Then, when you select a free streaming media file to view, Monster Munch checks the available streams and automatically plays the best working one for you! You no longer need to browse lists of available streaming servers to decide which video source might work best.

Tsunami OG

Tsunami OG Install Details

  • Repo Name: Tsunami OG Repository
  • Repo URL:

All-in-One Kodi Addon for Film, Sports and News Buffs

This all-in-one Kodi addon provides a bit of everything. This has been said of other addons before, but even the kitchen sink is included in this great Kodi addon.

You’ll find live broadcast sports, US newscasts by state, and a huge collection of great classic movies from the pre-color era. If you want to watch something a bit different streaming for free online, check out the low budget B-movie collection. Rounding out this wonderfully working addon Tsunami OG is a giant selection of cartoons, music, documentaries, and far more.


Medusa Install Details

  • Repo Name: uk1 Repository
  • Repo URL:

On-Demand All-in-One Addon for Free Movies & TV

Medusa is a great all-in-one on-demand Kodi addon with tons of free movies and TV shows to watch streaming online. Lodaed with classics and new releases alike, you won’t fall short of things to watch after installing Medusa on Kodi.

Forked from the great Poseidon Kodi addon, much like the venerable Neptune Rising of Mr Blamo fame, Medusa is a super-simple addon to navigate and access streams with. Be sure to get this addon installed with out Install Medusa on Kodi article.


Yoda Kodi Addon Install Details

  • Repo Name: Supremacy Repository
  • Repo URL:

Exodus and Covenant Alternative Kodi Addon

This wonderful addon forked by Supremacy from the Covenant addon has all the high quality one would expect from a top notch developer working on a top shelf code base. Providing access to seemingly unlimited free streaming movies and TV shows online, Yoda will quickly become one of your favorite Kodi addons.

Maverick TV

Maverick TV Install Details

  • Repo Name: MaverickTV
  • Repo URL:

All-in-One One-Click Streaming Kodi Addon (Joker TV renamed)

Maverick TV is one of the best one-click to view Kodi all-in-one addons available today. While the MaverickTV repo carries the name, this repository has many other great Kodi addons within.


Uranus Install Details

Note the Griffin Repo zip file is located within the Blamo repo source location. Follow the Blamo repo installation guide and choose the repository.griffin zip file for installation at the appropriate time.
– Repo Name: Griffin
– Repo URL:

Elysium Alternative Kodi Addon Fork

Uranus is an all-in-one playlist addon from the Griffin repository, which itself is located in the Mr Blamo repo.

This beautiful addon is a direct fork of the late, great Elysium Kodi addon which in turn was copied from the fantastic Zen addon. If you liked either of these greats, as so many did, then you will love the Uranus addon. All new sources and an updated feel should give Uranus a place on any list of best Kodi addons.

At The Flix

At The Flix Install Details

  • Repo Name: MaverickTV
  • Repo URL:

Free Movie Streaming Kodi Addon

At The Flix is a great Kodi addon for people that love to watch movies online. A very wide range of great movie selections can be found in easily navigated categories.

Whether you love action, comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi, or British cinema, you’ll find plenty of films to keep you entertained and make you happy along with far more. Grab At The Flix from the MaverickTV repo and enjoy film night like never before.


Mobdro Install Details

  • Repo Name: Mr Free World Repository
  • Repo URL:

Free Live IPTV Channels Kodi Addon

Connecting to the Android streaming IPTV app Mobdro APK from within Kodi, this addon accesses tons of free live streaming IPTV channels. One of the best Kodi addons for watching free live streaming sports online, Mobdro provides the best of both worlds.


SkyNet Install Details

  • Repo Name: MaverickTV
  • Repo URL:

All-In-One Kodi Control Center Addon

SkyNet from the MaverickTV repo acts as a command center for many of the other addons available within that repository as well as the Supremacy addon from the Supremacy repository. This allows you to search and playback any streaming media found online by the At The Flix, Joker Sports, The Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, and Supremacy addons each within their own SkyNet categories from one central location.

You’ll also find several categories within the SkyNet addon that specialize in types of content, providing access to multiple addons at once. Whether you want to watch movies, live sports broadcasts, TV series, or even listen to music, SkyNet will provide a list of titles found by the other addons and let you control playback from within itself.

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising Install Details

  • Repo Name: Mr Freeworld Repo
  • Repo URL:

Genesis, Exodus, Poseidon Alternative Kodi Addon Fork

The Lambda codebase originally written for Genesis has held the title as best Kodi addon for the past few years. With the torch passed down to Exodus and then Poseidon, their fall simply points to another’s rising. This is the way of great Kodi addons, and Mr Blamo has a winner with this one, though the Blamo repo shut down. Now found in the Mr Freeworld repo, be sure to grab this great addon quick and enjoy it while it lasts!

While a direct fork of Poseidon, Neptune Rising also boasts a ton of its own updates and new code. It provides more working video streams than any of its predecessors did, yet retains their simple navigation and ease of use.


Placenta Install Details

  • Repo Name: Mr Freeworld Repo
  • Repo URL:

Genesis, Exodus, Covenant Alternative Kodi Addon Fork

Starting life as a direct copy of the Covenant Kodi addon codebase, Placenta has received many updates of its own. One of the most popular Kodi addons from Mr Blamo, Placenta should be around for a long time.

The streaming video sources are all fresh and ready to offer you the latest movies and TV shows. With a familiar layout and navigation shared with all the Lambda code progeny, Placenta aims to please.


Liberatus Install Details

  • Repo Name: Bandicoot Builds Repository
  • Repo URL:

Free Movie and TV Show Streaming Kodi Addon

Liberatus is a great new addon found within the Bandicoot Builds Repo. With tons of great working links to free movies and TV shows, it’s soon to become a hit.

Live 24/7

Live 24/7 Install Details

  • Repo Name: Digital Repository
  • Repo URL:

All-in-One IPTV Channels Kodi Addon

Live 24/7 from the Digital Box Media team is an IPTV playlist addon for Kodi that accesses tons of free movies, TV shows, and live sports broadcasts. With so many entertainment options available in Live 24/7, you may wish to simply roll the dice and let this addon randomly pick something for you to watch. The top-level category 24/7 Random will do this for you, which has a serious potential to expand your horizons.

With the breadth of possibilities found in Live 24/7 from Digital repo, you’ll soon understand how this came to be gracing our list of best Kodi addons.


Corona Install Details

  • Repo Name: Sandman Repository
  • Repo URL:

All-In-One Elysium Alternative Kodi Addon

Corona is another great new alternative to the Elysium Kodi addon. From the Sandman repo, this all-in-one Kodi addon finds tons of working links online to great free streaming movies, TV shows, and other special channels. A direct fork of the Elysium code, which itself was forked from the late, great Zen Kodi addon, Corona is said to work best with a Real-Debrid account to access loads of great HD streaming videos without buffering.

Check out our Corona guide for more info and an illustrated installation walk-through.


Redemption Addon Install Details

  • Repo Name: Diamond Wizard
  • Repo URL:

One-Click-to-Play Bucky Movies Alternative Addon

Redemption from the developer of the great Bucky Movies addon features an improved interface and added options. You’ll find loads of working links to movies in 3D format and even a ton of 4K titles.

If you’re into boxing, UFC, MMA, and other forms of fighting, you’ll flip over Redemption’s extensive selection of fight replays. Formerly an exclusively movie-centric addon, Redemption is pulling away from its origin as Bucky Movies and entering into the realm of all-in-one Kodi addon.


Incursion Addon Install Details

  • Repo Name: addons4kodi (Incursion) Repository
  • Repo Source URL:

Genesis, Exodus, Covenant Alternative Kodi Addon Fork

Note: Incursion, while still working fine at this time, has been all but dropped by its developer nixgates. This Kodi addon developer has taken on a new massive add-on project from the ground up and has not had the time to invest in updating Incursion lately. We greatly anticipate this new addition to the best Kodi addons list, which we are certain nixgates new baby will be up to. We are sad to see Incursion in its death throws, though.

Another great example of the Genesis, Exodus, and Covenant code, Incursion is new for 2018. You’ll find the same familiar features and layout as the original Genesis, Exodus, and Covenant addons that preceded Incursion. You’ll also appreciate Incursion’s updated code giving you loads of high quality streaming video sources with very little buffering.

Incursion is a great Kodi addon to have in your collection. Any Kodi setup could benefit from having the Incursion Kodi TV addon installed.


Eyasses Install Details

  • Repo Name: AJs Repository
  • Repo URL:

All-In-One One-Click Paul’s World Alternative Kodi Addon (Renamed)

Eyasses finds and provides access to a ton of great content from some extremely varied categories for your streaming pleasure. You can check out much more about this Kodi addon and learn to install it in our Eyasses install guide. You will love Eyasses and agree that it’s one of the best Kodi addons available.


Aspis Install Details

  • Repo Name: Supremacy Repository
  • Repo URL:

All-In-One BoB Unleashed Alternative Kodi Addon

Aspis is a great new alternative to the BoB Unleashed and BoB Unlimited addons. Found in the Supremacy repository, this all-in-one playlist addon finds tons of working links online to great free streaming movies, TV shows, and live IPTV broadcasts. Check our Aspis guide for more info and an illustrated installation walk-through.

Git Browser

Git Browser Install Details

  • Repo Name: XBMCHub (TVAddons)
  • Repo URL:

TVAddons Kodi Addon Installation Utility

With the Git Browser by TVAddons, all you need is the GitHub username of a developer to access their repositories and other addons. The Git Browser (formerly GitHub Browser) also has far less reliable options for accessing Kodi addons hosted on GitHub.

You can access addons by their name, but many clones and forks exist, so you may not get what you intended. Also, some cloned addons have been altered in less than savory ways. Unless you want to mine cryptocurrencies or take part in a DDOS Botnet attack, ensure you use releases from their original developers.

The Git Browser also allows you to easily share lists of your favorite addons with others. Making a feed and distributing it became easy as sending a text message when the Git Browser was updated recently.


Gaia Install Details

  • Repo Name: Gaia Repo
  • Repo URL:

Bubbles Alternative Kodi Addon Fork

While most of the best Kodi addons stem from Lambda’s Genesis and Exodus lineage through either Poseidon or Covenant forks, some different codebases exist also. Coming from the highly popular and immensely advanced Bubbles TV addon, Gaia may be far ahead of the game when it comes to options. This fantastic new TV addon works extremely well with others and gives Kodi enthusiasts a great cornerstone around which to build their dream Kodi media centers.

Please note that Gaia does not work well with Kodi 18 Leia at this time. With the high amount of customization available in the Gaia Kodi addon, the changes made to Kodi 18 will involve a major upgrade. The Gaia team of developers have stated they will not rework the Kodi addon for version 18 until the Kodi 18 Leia codebase gets settled into an official, stable release.

Table of Best Kodi Addons Listed With Repos

If you know the repository for a best Kodi addon, you can install it if you know the steps involved. Here, we’ve listed all of the best Kodi addons along with the names of their home repositories and repo source URL.

Kodi AddonHome RepoRepo URL
ExodusKodi Bae Repo
The Magic DragonSupremacy Repo
Movie Theater ButterDiamond Wizard Repo
Monster MunchSteptoes Repository
Tsunami OGTsunami OG Repo
YodaSupremacy Repo
UranusGriffin Repo
MagicalityWilson Magicality Repository
Live 24/7Digital Repository
The UnderdogIlluminati Repo
CoronaSandman Repo
At the FlixMaverickTV Repo
IncursionAddons4Kodi (Incursion) Repo
AspisSupremacy Repo
EyassesAJs Repository
GaiaGaia Repo
MobdroGriffin Repo
Maverick TVMaverickTV Repo
Git BrowserXBMCHub (TVAddons) Repo
Neptune RisingMr Blamo Repo
PlacentaMr Blamo Repo
Aragon LiveMr Blamo Repo
ArrakisMr Blamo Repo
Chocolate Salty BallsMr Blamo Repo
Chappa'aiMr Blamo Repo
Genesis RebornJesus Box Repo

Video Tutorial to Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

A prerequisite to installing Kodi and the third-party addons that make all the magic of free streaming movies, TV shows, and even live sports broadcasts happen, this video walks through more than just turning on apps from unknown sources.

Dead & Dying Kodi Addons

Wilson Repo Taken Down

Home to the short-lived Magicality, the Wilson repo has been pulled offline to never return. The Neptune Rising replacement, Magicality, has stopped receiving updates and will fade and stop working soon.


Magicality Install Details
  • Repo Name: Wilson Magicality Repository
  • Repo URL:
Neptune Rising Alternative Kodi Addon

With Blamo Repo taken down along with most of the best Kodi addons contained therein, Neptune Rising stopped receiving updates from Mr Blamo. This open source addon was quickly updated to perfectly working status within moments of being pulled down by Mr Blamo. Anyone having fallen in love with the Neptune Rising addon will be relieved to install Magicality and find a perfect continuation of their favored addon to stream free movies, TV shows and live sports.

Team Illuminati Repo Down

A tweet left at the Twitter account of @illuminati_xyz a few days ago had this to say:

Sorry guys our entire team got hit with ACE letters today so we’re leaving twitter,this group closes tomorrow am thanks for your support all

It turns out the Twitter account was not the only Illuminati asset taken down. The Illuminati repo and addons disappeared shortly after the tweet as well.

The Underdog

The Underdog Install Details
  • Repo Name: Illuminati Repository
  • Repo URL:
All-In-One One-Click Elysium Alternative Kodi Addon

The Underdog is the most recent development from Illuminati, the maintainer for the Team Illuminati repository. As a fully updated fork of the great Kodi addon Elysium, The Underdog provides a huge number of working streams for free movies, and TV shows. There will be no doubt about the reason for including The Underdog in our run-down of the best available Kodi addons.

Mr Blamo Closes Down Blamo Repo

Mr. Blamo of the Blamo repository developed some of the best Kodi addons of 2018. He closed the Blamo Repo down, taking all of his own Kodi addons down along with it. With the Blamo repo down, the great Neptune Rising, Placenta, Death Streams, Chappa’ai, Wraith, or Aragon Live addons will receive no more updates unless taken up by another developer.

In a tweet just hours ago, @Daddy_Blamo said:

Repo And Github Gone any Githubs saying blamo wont be me… as a Developer i’m done for good.


Arrakis Install Details
  • Repo Name: Blamo
  • Repo URL:
All-In-One Kodi Addon

The Arrakis Kodi addon from Muad-Dib makes its home in the Blamo Repo. This amazing Kodi addon may be approaching the number one position in this list very soon. You will find everything you love about Kodi within this new addon. Get Arrakis installed and watch everything you want to right away.

Aragon Live

Aragon Live Install Details
  • Repo Name: Blamo
  • Repo URL:
Free Live TV Streaming Kodi Addon

Aragon Live from Mr Blamo brings free live TV streaming to a whole new level. Networks from around the world are available for free live streaming TV broadcasts within Aragon Live.

As the prime live streaming addon within the Blamo repo, you can be certain Aragon Live will get the attention it deserves. This addon will continue to receive regular updates from Mr Blamo for plenty of available live streaming online content.


Chappa’ai Addon Install Details
  • Repo Name: Blamo
  • Repo URL:
MetalliQ Alternative Kodi Addon Fork

The one ring to rule them all, Chappa'ai takes the MetalliQ codebase and keeps it alive. This very well done Kodi addon definitely ranks as one of the very best, though not a typical video addon. While users of MetalliQ mourned the passing of a legend, they may enjoy their preferred way of streaming within and controlling others with Kodi addon scripts once more with Chappa’ai.

With scripts easily written to access other Kodi addons, Chappa’ai provides a single source from which to search for your favorite streaming videos. Chappa’ai requests search results from all of the addons to which it has a scripted interface, then gives you the results. Many scripts existed from the MetalliQ addon and have been included with the Chappa’ai addon from the Blamo repository.


Wraith Addon Install Details
  • Repo Name: Blamo
  • Repo URL:
Kodi Extended Meta Info Addon

Wraith gathers information from several online databases about available movies, TV shows, songs, and even live events. It then provides a list of titles to you in categories to make searching for something to stream easier.

When you select a title to stream, the magic of this extended meta information addon takes place. Utilizing the Chappa’ai (MetalliQ alternative) addon, which is installed along with Wraith as a dependency, Wraith then looks through your other installed addons to see which ones provide a link to the title you’ve chosen. This seriously simplifies searching for movies, TV shows, anime, and even live sports events when you have multiple Kodi addons installed.

Chocolate Salty Balls

Chocolate Salty Balls Install Details
  • Repo Name: Blamo
  • Repo URL:
Adult, Children’s, & Classic Cartoon/Anime Addon

Chocolate Salty Balls is an all-in-one playlist addon from the Mr Blamo repo. If you want cartoons from noon to night for weeks on end, pull up a seat.

There are plenty of mature (lol!) Adult cartoons such as those shown on the Cartoon Network late show, Adult Swim. You’ll also find a boatload of children’s favorites in their own Chocolate Salty Balls category. The selection of classic cartoons will have you remembering the music from your childhood race for the ice cream truck. Chocolate Salty Balls even provides a music category that… I’ll let you explore yourself.

This addon is full of laughs, but it packs a serious punch with its seamless Trakt integration. Chocolate Salty Balls also has many high quality Real-Debrid links available for zero buffering fast-lane streaming.

JP Hightek Closes JesusBox Repo

According to a tweet he left Tuesday morning, the JesusBox repo maintainer JP Hightek shut down the repo and took it offline. The repository source URL site location for JesusBox at is not coming back again. Also the developer of Genesis Reborn, JP Hightek left the following tweet:

Hey guys i need to inform you All that the Jesus Box Repo has officially closed and will not be returning. As of my part, I am not and will not be working on any Kodi related addons, wizards or builds any longer moving forward. Shalom to you all

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn Install Details
  • Repo Name: Jesus Box
  • Repo URL:
Genesis, Exodus, Covenant Alternative Kodi Addon Fork

This fork of the venerable Genesis codebase takes the name of its forefather, one of best Kodi addons of all time.

With fresh code revisions and plenty of constantly updated links, Genesis Reborn works great for watching movies and TV shows.

Great Classic Kodi Addons Down & Not Working

Due to allegations of piracy, internet service provider blockages, and human nature, Kodi addons and repositories go down all the time. This list makes up some of the greatest Kodi addons of all time. The code bases for these fantastic classic addons simply sit—waiting to be picked up and brushed off once more to bring cheer to little girls and boys all over the world. Of course, many of their code bases still do thrive in forked copies taken up and renamed by Kodi third-party developers much to the delight of all.

Note that some of these great addons may still actually work with a bit of patience and/or tinkering. For instance, the Anubis addon from AndroidBBoy repository moved to the Venom repo, but the repository is hosted on a free server and highly unreliable. Others were simply abandoned by their developers

  • Genesis Kodi addon from TVAddons XBMCHub Repository
  • SALTS (Stream All The Sources) in SMASH Repo
  • Phoenix Kodi addon from TVAddons XBMCHub Repo
  • Poseidon Kodi addon (Exodus fork) in Soulless Builds Repo
  • Eden Kodi Addon in Cosmic Saints Repository
  • MetalliQ from Noobs and Nerds Repo
  • Specto Kodi addon (Genesis fork) in MRKNOW ( Repo
  • Covenant Kodi addon (Exodus fork) in Colossus then XvBMC Repo
  • Zen Kodi addon from Noobs and Nerds Repository
  • Oculus Kodi addon in Zero Tolerance (ZT) Repository
  • BoB UnleasheD from Noobs and Nerds Repository
  • BoB UnrestricteD from Noobs and Nerds Repo
  • Bennu Kodi addon (Phoenix alternative) in Colossus Repo
  • Anubis Kodi addon from AndroidBBoy Repo then Venom Repo
  • Pyramid Kodi addon from Zero Tolerance (ZT) Repo
  • Elysium Kodi addon from Noobs & Nerds Repo
  • Trident Kodi addon from Looking Glass Repository
  • Project M from Merlin Wizard Repository
  • Prometheus Kodi addon from Redhood Repository
  • I am Absolem Kodi addon (Prometheus fork) in AndroidBBoy Repo
  • Mystique Kodi addon from Juggernaut Repository
  • Dothraki Kodi Addon in Illuminati Repository

Enjoy the Best Kodi Addons

Anti-piracy activists pull many third-party Kodi addons, builds, wizards, and repositories down every month. It doesn’t seem this trend will let up soon, so don’t let your video streams run dry. Check this working list of the very best Kodi addons regularly to keep your Kodi system updated.

With at least one Kodi addon disappearing nearly every day, it’s nice to know there are still fantastic Kodi addons available. Download and get your streaming video fix without alerting anybody when doing so only from within a secure VPN tunnel. It’s really easy to download and setup, and on sale right now using this special deal we worked out with IPVanish VPN. Stream safely and…

May your streams never run dry!Anonymously Stream All the Online Movies, TV Shows, and Live Sports You Like With Kodi and IPVanish VPN

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it be grate to see Anubis and Mumm Ra here too. they grate working too.

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You can add WOW, The kratos, DeathStar, and Joshua to your list. I’m digging them, as these Kodi addons work great!

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I feel this list is about to receive drastic changes. Blamo will be missed. He had the nicest working Kodi addons ever streamed with.

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Have you heard of Tsunami OG? It has great old school movies and even black and white. It’s my favorite Kodi addon right now.

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    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-24 at 4:26 pm

    Hi Jarry,

    I think maybe Mr Blamo didn’t update the Blamo repository version number after updating some of the addons, including Neptune Rising and Placenta. The repo looks to have been updated 20 days ago, but some of its addons were updated about a week ago. Since the repo has the same version number as the “new” version, Kodi won’t update it. You can simply go into the Install from repositoryBlamo RepoAdd-on Repository, then click the Blamo repo and uninstall it. Click it again to install it once more, and it will install the new version from the server. Bingo Bango watch the streams flow! Enjoy! (and sorry for my temporary bout of retardidity if it scared you) 🙂

Asia · 2018-08-21 at 3:42 am

Genesis Reborn from Jesus Box isn’t working any more. I saw it’s in your list and picture still.

    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-22 at 3:12 pm

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    Nice catch… I did take Genesis Reborn from the list of best Kodi addons when I heard JP Hightek took JesusBox repo down and stopped Genesis Reborn development. I just forgot to remove them from the table at the end and the featured image. I’ll get that right now. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-20 at 12:51 pm

    Hey Frank,

    Definitely give it a try and report back to us on whether you think the new Kodi Exodus lives up to its original namesake. As long as its sources are kept up to date, the great layout and navigation are there. It seems to be excellent at this time.

Gabriella · 2018-08-19 at 1:18 pm

Hey, is there any good working Kodi addon that shows classic movies?

    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-22 at 5:16 pm

    Hi Gabriella,

    I know The Magic Dragon has a great Classic Movies collection in its own category. If you’d like to check out classic movies from the public domain, then Arrakis has a great selection dating all the way back to 1888. That’s pretty classic, but may not be what you’re looking for. Is there a particular title you seek, or maybe a director or year?

Del · 2018-08-18 at 7:02 pm

Thanks, Neptune Rising is working a treat. First try with jailbreaking and your instructions were spot on simple.

Maureen · 2018-08-18 at 10:30 am

Do you know a wizard addon? My son said it helps noobs like me to use kodi, but I don’t even know where to find it. I want to get up and running before he comes back next weekend to surprise him.

    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-26 at 1:34 am

    Hi Maureen. A wizard is a type of addon that helps you do maintenance, install other addons, or even install full builds. We’ve got an article coming out this weekend about a good maintenance wizard called Ares Wizard. You might not need to look for a wizard in particular, though. Check the best Kodi builds article and you’ll find most of the builds have wizards to install them. By the way, a Kodi build is a collection of great Kodi addons along with a custom appearance and other items. Kodi builds are put together to save a lot of time with installing and setting up addons in Kodi. Some of those build wizards have maintenance tools also. I would suggest that you install the No Limits Magic build if you have a fresh install of Kodi already. If you need to install Kodi first, check our Kodi Installation on Firestick article. Are you installing or have you already installed Kodi on a Firestick?

HinderBerger · 2018-08-18 at 2:23 am

Hi! Can you put Mobdro on this list? It was working very good at my brother’s today. Thought you should have it here, and you said you want comments for that kinda thing, right? 🙂

The Lost Asian · 2018-08-16 at 6:28 pm

very nice list. many good choices here.

fatsowut · 2018-07-25 at 2:54 pm

honestly getting tired of so many Kodi addons going down all the time. may need to move to a lesser known firestick app for finding live free streaming tv and movies online.

Lorse · 2018-07-24 at 2:56 am

Great list of Kodi addons

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