Arrakis from the developer Muad’Dib (69 Death Squad) is a new all-in-one Kodi Addon making its home in the Blamo Repository. It has categories named Messiah, 24/7 Movies and TV Shows, Arrakis TV, Movie Mania, Anime Toons, Documented, Sports Hub, Kids Play Room, Live and Loud, The Spice Room, Network Nation, The Voices Within, To Be a Hero, and Settings.

Note that if you have the Blamo Repo installed already, you may need to update it to see the Arrakis addon. If the repository refuses to update, then you may have installed it from the old address. See the new repo address and how to install it below.

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Arrakis Install for Experience Kodi Users

Having installed a few Kodi addons, you probably only need the Blamo Repository URL. You can use the new address.

How To Install Arrakis Kodi Addon

Provide the Blamo Repo Location to Kodi

Before Kodi will allow this required step, you must first enable unknown sources.

  1. Above the main Kodi menu, click on the System Settings icon. kodi settings menu item icon
    Kodi 17 Krypton System Menu Gear Cog Icon

    Kodi System Gear Icon

  2. Click on the File Manager.
    Kodi 17 Krypton File Manager within System Menu

    Enter the File Manager

  3. In the left menu, click Add Source.
    Add Blamo Repo Source within Kodi File Manager

    Click Add Source

  4. Click on <NONE> to add a custom resource location.
    Select None to Define Custom Kodi Repo Source URL for Blamo Repository

    Choose None to Provide a Custom Resource URL for Kodi

  5. Type in the URL then click OK.
    Enter Mr Blamo Repo URL for access to free live streaming TV

    Enter Mr Blamo Repo URL & Click OK

  6. Name this blamo then double check for typos and click OK.
    Double Check Kodi Blamo Repository Source URL and Name Input for Errors then Click OK

    Name the Repo Source, Check for Errors, then Click OK

How to Install Blamo Repo

The Blamo Repo from @Daddy_Blamo (AKA MrBlamo420) houses many of the best Kodi addons available today. This repo is at the top of most best repo lists these days for the sheer number of fantastic working addons.

  1. Back at Kodi’s main menu, click on Add-ons.
    Kodi Add-ons Main Menu Item to access the repo installation area

    Kodi Add-ons Main Menu Item

  2. Click on the Add-ons browser (AKA Package Manager) icon. kodi addon manager menu item icon
    Open Kodi Add-ons Browser At Top Of Add-ons Menu - also called Package Manager

    Kodi Add-ons Browser (AKA Package Manager)

  3. Choose Install from zip file.
    Install From Zip File within Kodi Add-ons Browser for Blamo Repo,

    Install From Zip File

  4. Select the blamo resource added earlier.
    Install Blamo Kodi Repo from zip file by selecting Blamo Repo Source

    Blamo Repo Resource

  5. Click on the file, though the numbers in the file’s name may have changed.
    Choose the latest repository.blamo repo zip file & click OK

    Click Latest repository.blamo Zip File

  6. An alert should appear momentarily letting you know the Blamo repo installed.
    Blamo Repo Install Success - next stop free live TV streaming Aragon Live installation

    Blamo Repo Installed

How to Install Arrakis Kodi Addon

Installing Arrakis is a simple click, click, boom affair. There might be a few more clicks in there, though.

  1. While still in the Add-ons browser, click Install from repository.
    Arrakis Install from Blamo repository within Kodi Add-on browser

    Click Install From Repository

  2. Then, click on the Blamo Repo.
    Choose the Blamo Repo to Install Arrakis Kodi streaming addon

    Choose the Blamo Repo to Install Arrakis

  3. Now click the Video Add-ons directory.
    Scroll Down to Video Add-ons in Blamo Repo and Click It

    Scroll Down to Video Add-ons in Blamo Repo and Click It

  4. Click on Arrakis.
    Click Arrakis in Blamo Repo Video Add-ons

    Click Arrakis in Blamo Repo Video Add-ons

  5. Last, click the Install button.
    Click Install button for Arrakis Installation

    Click Install button for Arrakis Installation

Boom! You should now see the Arrakis Add-on Installed notice slide into place for a moment letting you know your mission the installation was a success.

Need a Password for the Arrakis Spice Room?

If you find yourself in need of it, note that the working Arrakis Spice Room Password is ArrakiPorn (NOT ArrakisPorn) and sometimes HappyFDay also works. Make sure you use protection! If the password has changed again and neither of those works, let us know in the comments; we’ll add the new one to the article.

Special Arrakis Spice Room Access Note: Before Arrakis addon will even ask for a password to the Spice Room, you must change one of its settings. Head to Arrakis >> Add-on Settings >> Customization >> Enable Adult Menus first and turn it on for access.

If you enjoy spending time in the Spice Room, you’ll lust our list of the best adult addons for Kodi. This rundown is for the discerning, adult audience only.

Do We Have Wormsign?

Enjoy this new all-in-one Kodi addon from Muad’Dib. It has a bit of everything and a ton of great working streams. Make sure to always use a secure VPN when accessing all the free videos the Arrakis Kodi addon makes available to you.

May your streams never run dry!

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LTP · 2018-08-28 at 10:32 am

This Arrakis addon has lots of working links and just so everyone knows: the password still works. 8D

ANDREW · 2018-08-04 at 9:40 pm

Whats the password for the spice room please?

    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-13 at 11:07 am

    Andrew, see my comment below to Edd. The ArrakiPorn password for the Spice Room is working just fine. Don’t forget to enable adult menus in the Arrakis Kodi addon settings, though. Arrakis won’t even ask for a password if you don’t do that first.

Edd · 2018-07-26 at 12:22 pm

The password doesn’t work

    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-13 at 11:05 am

    Hey Edd, which password did you use? Some users have reported the ArrakiPorn password (not ArrakisPorn) worked for them even after not working once before. In fact, I just now did a fresh install of Arrakis to test things out. I successfully gained access to the Spice Room once adult menus were enabled in the Arrakis addon settings by using the ArrakiPorn password.

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