That’s no moon! DeathStar is a popular all-in-one Kodi addon combining multiple other add-ons into a single, easy-to-use interface. Brought to the Kodi community by an extraordinary group of development teams, Death Star currently makes its home in the EzzerMacs Repo. This is a truly monstrous, smart, and stealthy collaboration manifesting in a super-build including over 30 of the most popular Kodi plug-ins. An empire of addons awaits you in the Death Star mega-addon.

This collaborative team, EzZeRmAn, Mercy, Ja5on, DNA, Clickbait, Mr. Bandicoots, Tol’s Tutorials, One Cool Guy, ONENATION, House of Blue, DJay, EXPOSE, Nymeria, Siren, Mercury, Dystopia, WTNF, Ghost, and NOLENATION venture culminating in the Death Star addon combines some of the most popular and best working Kodi addons in one place. These include WOW, M.E.T.V, DNA, House Of Blue, Leviticus, One Click, Expose, Wumpa Fruits, Cer3erus, Discovery, and many more.

Below we will supply you with both quick steps along with a more detailed illustrated MTM installation guide for Death Star Kodi addon. Pick what serves your personal needs best and gain free access to one single Kodi addon with exceptional star quality for an all-in-one streaming experience. Say yes to Death Star today!

DeathStar Kodi Addon Advanced Install Info Updates

DeathStar Kodi Addon not working? Please note the DeathStar Kodi Addon has moved to the new repositories shown here.

Source Name: EzzerMacs Repository
Source URL:

Source Name: Grindhouse Kodi Repo
Source URL:

The article below uses the EzzerMacs repo to illustrate the installation of DeathStar on Kodi, but wither will work. Both repositories are owned by members of the DeathStar development community.

Quick Steps to Install DeathStar Kodi Addon

If you’re experienced and at ease with installing Kodi third-party add-ons follow the quick install steps below. Look farther down the page if you’re needing a bit more instruction, there you’ll find an instructional guide with screenshots on how to install Death Star Kodi Addon.

Experienced Kodi users have probably already enabled unknown sources in Kodi 17 or later. If not, make sure to do so before proceeding.

  1. Launch Kodi, click System kodi settings menu item icon >> click File Manager >> click Add Source >> click <None>.
  2. Type exactly >> click OK >> name media source EzzerMacs >> OK.
  3. Kodi menu >> click Addons >> Add-ons browser kodi addon manager menu item icon >> click Install from Zip File.
  4. Choose EzzerMacs then click
  5. Click Install from Repository >> click EzzerMacs Wizard Repository, Video Add-ons >> click DeathStar >> click Install and OK.

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Illustrated Guide To Install DeathStar Kodi Addon

As previously mentioned, you need to enable unknown sources before moving forward, or you’ll not be allowed to install Death Star third-party Kodi addon. The XBMC Foundation security warning is intended to bring awareness of the risks of streaming and is required if you’re using Kodi v17 Krypton or newer. No matter what you’re online activities consist of it’s always a good idea to have your VPN on to secure your privacy and personal data.

Provide DeathStar Repository Source URL to Kodi

Now, let’s do this thing!

  1. Launch Kodi, go to the System page by clicking cog icon on top. kodi settings menu item icon
    free streaming movies, tv, and music online

    Kodi System Icon

  2. Once in System menu, click on File Manager at the bottom right of the screen.
    watch free streaming movies and tv shows online with death star kodi addon

    Kodi Krypton File Manager

  3. Select Add Source from the left tab of File Manager.
    death star one of the best kodi addons 2018

    Click Add Source on Left

  4. Then, click <None> for file source.
    watch free streaming movies and tv shows series online with death star kodi addon

    Click None

  5. Type the following URL with care: and click OK.
    watch films free streaming online

    EzzerMacs Repo Source URL

  6. In the next box name source EzzerMacs and then double check for errors and click OK.
    install death star kodi addon for free streaming movies, tv shows, sports, and music online

    Check EzzerMacs Repo URL for Typos

How To Install EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

Installing the Death Star Kodi Addon will be easy once Kodi has the repo source.

  1. Circle back to the Kodi home screen and choose Add-ons.
    free westerns, horror, sports, comedy, and even kids movies streaming online with kodi death star addon

    Kodi Add-ons Menu Item

  2. Next, click Install from Zip File.
    learn how to watch free tv series and movies streaming online with death star

    Click Install from Zip File

  3. Then, choose
    stream free films online

    Click EzzerMacs Builds Wizard Repo Source

  4. Click Install From Repository .
    free streaming sports, movies, tv shows, and live ppv events online with death star

    Enter EzzerMacs Directory to Access Repo Files

  5. Choose EzzerMacs Wizard Repository.
    free music lists listen and watch videos

    Click EzzerMacs to Begin Install

As soon as you see the popup informing that EzzerMacs Repository installed, you’re ready to download Death Star Kodi Addon.

How To Install DeathStar Kodi Addon

Feel free to explore all that the EzzerMacs Repository has to offer from numerous Kodi Developers.

  1. Enter into the Video Add-ons directory of the repo.
    Go Into EzzerMacs Video Add-ons Directory for Death Star Mega Kodi Addon Install

    Go Into EzzerMacs Video Add-ons Directory

  2. Next, select DeathStar.
    Choose Death Star to Install on Kodi from EzzerMacs Repo

    Choose Death Star to Install on Kodi

  3. Lastly, click the Install button and OK for additional add-ons.
    Click Install Button for Death Star Kodi Addon Installation

    Click Install Button for Death Star Kodi Addon Installation

You’ll know that Death Star is ready to become your superweapon of streaming once you see the DeathStar Kodi Addon enabled notification to appear from space. Fire up your Surfshark VPN app to anonymously enjoy all the great content streams from the Deathstar team, this all-in-one Kodi addon has you covered! Note that all the Kodi video add-ons you download will be located on Kodi’s home screen in the Addons tab.

Deathstar is currently made up of the code from the following Kodi development teams:

  • WOW
  • EzZeRmAn – M.E.T.V.
  • Mercy
  • Ja5on
  • WTNF
  • Tol’s Tutorials
  • One Cool Guy
  • DJay
  • Siren
  • Dystopia
  • Ghost
  • NoleNation
  • Mercury
  • Team DNA – DNA, Devastation
  • House of Blue
  • Click Bait – One Click
  • Expose – Expose
  • Mr Bandicoots – Wumpa Fruit
  • Cer3erus
  • OneNation – Essent1al
  • Nymeria
  • Mainstreet

Featured Kodi Death Star Add-on grouping of free streaming channels:

  • WOW
  • M.E.T.V
  • DNA
  • Devestation
  • House of Blue
  • Leviticus
  • One Click
  • Wumpa Fruit
  • Discovery
  • My Trakt Movies
  • My Trakt TV
  • Deathstar Tools
  • Deathstar Search

Deathstar’s latest version contains sections named Latest News and Updates, M.E.T.V, WOW, EXPOSE, DNA, DeathStar Tools, and Search. With movies, TV, 24/7, live TV, sports, and more it is worth checking out all the other channels included within Death Star Kodi addon. Discovery has both live IPTV and catch up TV shows and Leviticus appears to be a multi-source addon fork (like Exodus or Covenant).

Found in the EzzerMacs Repository and others, the Death Star Kodi Addon features a huge, moon-sized collection of awesome free streaming content such as TV shows, movies, live sports, animation, documentaries, and great classic and modern music.

DeathStar Music to Rock Your Soul

Speaking of music, Death Star keeps you updated with sections within different channels. Notably, WOW has the weekly top 40 songs in both the US and UK. Get the party started with a ton of 4K music videos, too!

Deat Star, look no further if you want an awesome HUGE all-in-one addon that functions like a build allowing you to watch free movies and TV shows online.

WOW SlaughterHouse aims to scare!

If you love a good scare, check out the slasher films and great horror movies in the SlaughterHouse subcategory located in WOW. You’re gonna fall in love with the WOW SlaughterHouse channel within Death Star. It has a huge offering of horror movies. Enjoy an extensive selection of horror TV shows within this category, notably Z Nation to American Horror Story and everything in between.

Death Star = many Kodi Add-ons for FREE

The Death Star addon functions as a mega build with its conglomeration of other awesome add-ons available under one great moon-sized interface. You may need to free up some space on your device to make room for this machine of sorts.

The Rewards of Safe Streaming

Give DeathStar Kodi addon a try if you’re looking to cut the cord and seeking good freely available alternatives. Make sure to check the laws in your area and be aware that some of the content found by the Death Star Kodi addon appears not to have been properly licensed for distribution.

Be Prepared for Death Star Factor

Did we answer any questions you may have surrounding how to install DeathStar Kodi Addon? You’re sure to get many hours of viewing pleasure from the Death Star Kodi all-in-one addon. For other reviews, tech tips and info visit our other MTM articles where you’ll receive updates on all things streaming and…

May your streams never run dry!

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