Learn how to install Exodus on the latest Kodi 18 Leia or version 17.6 Krypton. You’ll also learn to follow up with Exodus Redux for Kodi to help get through those times the original addon goes down or stops working. Once installed and set up properly, you’ll have uninterrupted access to watch free streaming movies and TV shows online.

Though we use an Amazon Fire TV Stick for illustration, both guides presented here work great to install Exodus on Firestick or any other Kodi device.

What is Kodi Exodus?

Exodus is a legendary Kodi plugin that finds and lets you watch free streaming movies and TV shows online.

Exodus and its Redux version are the best updated versions of the popular Genesis add-on from developer Lambda and the old TVAddons repo. Not only did Lambda develop Genesis, but improved and completely reworked that code into the original Kodi Exodus version.

This quickly became the most popular of all free movie streaming addons. In fact, to install Exodus on Kodi 17.6 or 18.1 is most cord cutters’ first addition to their jailbroken Firestick.

Guides to Install Exodus on Kodi

Learn how to get Exodus on Kodi 18 Leia or 17 Krypton with the following advanced information and quick step-by-step guide.

We also provide a fully illustrated and more detailed step-by-step tutorial for those who want or need it farther down the page.

These guides teach you how to install both the direct fork of the classic addon itself and the Redux version. When one version of Exodus is down, as sometimes happens to third-party addons, you will still have your free content streams.

How to Install Exodus Kodi Redux Addon Advanced Info

These quick tutorial instructions are for more advanced Kodi addon installers. Try them, but if you need more detailed instructions to install these addons, there’s an illustrated guide for each farther down the page.

Know you must enable the installation of addons from unknown sources before attempting to install third-party plugins.

Exodus Redux Install Info

Repo Name: Exodus Redux Repo
Source URL: https://i-a-c.github.io/

Exodus Redux on Kodi Quick Instructions for October 2019

  1. Click Add Source in Kodi File Manager which is found in Settings
  2. Enter the source path https://i-a-c.github.io/ and name it exoredux
  3. Click Install from Zip File in Add-ons
  4. Select exoredux source and click repository.exodusredux-X.X.X.zip
  5. Go back and click Install from Repository > Exodus Redux Repo > Video add-ons
  6. Click Exodus Redux then the Install button

How to Install New Exodus Version Advanced Info

Latest Kodi Exodus Info

Repo Name: Kodi Bae Repo within Mega-Tron Repo
Source URL: http://mega-tron.tv/transform
GitHub Username: kodibae

2019 Kodi Exodus Update Quick Step Guide

  1. Click Kodi System > File Manager > Add Source > <None>.
  2. Type http://mega-tron.tv/transform, click OK, then name it megatron and click OK again.
  3. Navigate Kodi Add-ons > Add-ons browser > Install from zip file.
  4. Go into megatron > Repos and click on repository.kodibae-1.0.0.zip for the home repo. Note the version number may have changed.
  5. From Add-ons browser, click Install from repository > Kodi Bae Repository > Video add-ons.
  6. Scroll down to and click on Exodus, then click the Install button for the Exodus download and installing to begin.

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At time of writing, both of these latest Exodus versions receive regular updates. If you still need it, read our tutorial to install Kodi on Firestick devices and turn on your Surfshark VPN app to get and use Exodus with the most anonymous and dynamic method available.

How to Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

Note the first version installed here is the recent Incursion fork that changed its name to Exodus Redux. This article also features an easy method to try the original Exodus on Kodi with all the great features and ease of use that millions of Firestick users have come to love over the years.

Installing Kodi Exodus Redux Repo Source

  1. Click Settings icon
  2. Click the File manager
  3. Click on Add source
  4. Click <None>
  5. Type https://i-a-c.github.io then click OK
  6. Name this Kodi repo source exodusredux and click OK

Install Exodus Redux Kodi Repo

  1. Click the back button on your remote
  2. Within Add-ons, click Install from Zip File
  3. Click the exodusredux repo source
  4. Click on the repository.exodusredux.X.X.X.zip file to install the repo

How to Install Kodi Exodus Redux

  1. Once you see the Exodus Redux Repo Add-on installed message, click Install from Repository
  2. Enter the Exodus Redux Repo
  3. Click on Video add-ons
  4. Click Exodus Redux then the Install button

Set Exodus Redux to use Lambda Scrapers

Without setting up the Exodus Redux Kodi addon to use Lambda Scrapers, you won’t get any working streaming movies or TV shows. Just run through this settings adjustment really quick to have access to more free movies and TV shows that you know what to do with.

After seeing the Exodus Redux Add-on installed message, head back to the Kodi home screen. Launch your newly installed Exodus Redux addon and follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click Settings: Providers
  3. Choose Module Provider Source should be set to Lambda Scrapers
  4. Click on Open Lambda Scrapers Settings
  5. Now, Enable All Providers (for current Module Scraper) to enable all the working stream sources

Illustrated Guide To Updated Exodus on Kodi 18 or 17.6

This guide helps you download and install the latest Exodus on Kodi Leia 18 and Krypton 17.6 from the best repo. If you installed an older version and now want to learn how to get a version that works on Kodi, you may wish to uninstall the old addon before installing the latest Exodus from KodiBae repo. There have been many versions deviating from the original in their own unique ways, and this beautiful new release of the original deserves a clean place on your Kodi installation.

You’ll find versions of this great addon in many repositories including Kodil repo; however, no other has the great update this KodiBae repo version received. Recently, there was a copy of this latest Exodus version in the All Eyez On Me repo also, but that repo has since been taken offline.

First Step to Download & Install Kodi 18 Exodus

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to enable unknown sources in Kodi Krypton or later. Without taking this crucial first step, the XBMC Foundation does not allow you to install third-party (unofficial) addons. This includes installing Exodus on Kodi 18 or 17.6. Remember installing Kodi on your Firestick? It’s kinda like allowing apps from unknown sources on Android and Amazon Firesticks.

How to Install Exodus Kodi Bae Repo

The KodiBae repo home can be found at GitHub under the user kodibae if you want to download the zip file and load it manually. Using the Git Browser addon from TVAddons for installing the Kodi Bae repo from GitHub is also easy. Using the GitHub source is the best way to ensure a clean version of the newest Kodi Bae repo.

As mentioned, we’ll be using the Mega-Tron source URL for this guide, which has a clean copy of the KodiBae repo zip file in it.

Give KodiBae Exodus Repo Mega-Tron URL to Kodi

KodiBae doesn’t have its own repo URL at this time, but can be downloaded directly from its GitHub source. One very easy way to do this is with the TVAddons Git Browser addon. This great utility Kodi addon allows you to access addons including repos, wizards, builds, video addons, and others directly from their GitHub repositories.

The great repo KodiBae, home to the latest Exodus Kodi addon, can also be accessed from within the Mega-Tron Kodi repo source. We’ll walk you through installing KodiBae from the Mega-Tron Kodi repository here.

  1. Above the left menu in Kodi, click the System Icon.
    exodus download on kodi 17

    Enter the Kodi System Manager

  2. Click on the File Manager.
    file manager for kodi system and addon files, not free movie streaming files in exodus legal

    Kodi Krypton File Manager

  3. On the left, click on Add Source.
    add source for free movie streaming exodus movies

    Click Add Source

  4. Choose <NONE> to input a custom source location.
    input custom url for exodus download and install

    Choose None to Give Kodi a Custom Resource Location

  5. Type the URL http://mega-tron.tv/transform then click OK. Name this source location megatron, double check there are no typos, then click OK.

How to Install Exodus Repo: KodiBae From Mega-Tron Source URL

  1. Head back to the Kodi home screen and click on the Add-ons menu item.
    kodi main menu add-ons item for exodus movie streaming addon from kodibae repository

    Add-ons Kodi Front Page Menu Item

  2. Click the Add-ons browser (AKA Package Manager) Icon above the menu.
    install exodus movie streaming addon from kodi bae repo

    Kodi Add-ons Browser (AKA Package Manager)

  3. Choose Install from zip file.
    exodus free movie streaming kodi addon from kodibae repository

    Install From Zip File

  4. Click on the megatron source input earlier.
  5. Enter the Repos directory.
  6. Click the KodiBae repository zip file to begin repo install.
  7. A notice will popup letting you know Kodi Bae Repository Add-on installed.
    install exodus latest working version from kodibae repo on kodi 17.6 krypton

    Kodi Bae Repository Add-on Installed Dialog

How to Install Exodus Addon Latest Version

  1. Click on Install from repository.
    is free streaming movies kodi addon exodus legal and safe?

    Click Install From Repository

  2. Then, click on Kodi Bae Repository.
    if kodi exodus down, check kodi bae repo working status

    Choose Install from Kodi Bae Repository

  3. Click Video add-ons.
    is kodi video add-on exodus legal?

    Enter Kodi Bae Repository Video Add-ons

  4. Scroll down to and click on Exodus.
    install exodus on kodi 18 for free movies and tv shows

    Scroll to Exodus and Click

  5. Click the Install button for the Exodus download and install to begin.
    exodus on kodi install

    Click Install Button for Exodus on Kodi Installation

  6. You should see a popup dialog once the add-on downloads and installs with Exodus Add-on installed.
    Successful Exodus on Kodi Install

    Successful Exodus on Kodi Install

You can now open Exodus movies and TV programs from stations and channels all over the world. You’ll find this king of all Kodi addons in the Video Add-ons area.

Exodus Download Latest Working Version Installed

kodi exodus no stream available fix with updated version

Exodus on Kodi First Run Initialization and Categories

Enjoy the Exodus movies and TV shows selection; using this new latest update really can’t be beaten. Speaking of updates…

Introducing Exodus Addon Latest Version

This most recent version is finally worth installing like the original was for its great interface and functionality. Using an Exodus alternative from some startup repo is no longer necessary. This recent version is found in Kodi Bae.

The most recent version of Exodus for Kodi 18 shows this wonderful addon finding many working links once more. The same great layout and smartly organized categories grace this version of the greatest add-on of all time.

Searching for Exodus alternatives can now be a thing of the past. With this fantastic new update, you won’t require much else to constantly enjoy all your favorite streaming media online. It doesn’t even matter if you have Kodi installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, XBox One, or our favorite, the Amazon Firestick.

Questions Concerning Kodi Exodus Addon

We constantly get questions about this addon, even though it has been down and not truly working properly for a long time. Sure, there have been many Exodus alternatives and copies, and even a new Incursion fork named Exodus Redux, but nothing ever matched Lambda’s original from the pre-lawsuit TVAddons repo era. With this October 2019 update for Kodi 17.6 and 18, we finally feel this add-on guide is once more worthy of inclusion in our best Kodi addons list.

Once you have Exodus Kodi installed, there really isn’t much more you need to know. Browse the listings and explore the settings. Give it a try. Watching free movies and TV shows is very user-friendly.

The only thing you really must know when using this latest Exodus to stream content is protect your privacy with the Surfshark VPN app.

You may also want to get yourself set up with a Real-Debrid account for fast streaming server access. Also, you’ll probably want to check out the huge number of other offerings provided by the KodiBae repo.

What does Kodi Exodus do?

Simply put, it finds free streaming movies and TV shows and plays them for you. It has one of the most well laid out interfaces available in a free Kodi movies addon.

It is easy to see why so many developers in various working repos emulate the original version’s user interface. There have been hundreds of forks (copies) of and alternatives to this movies addon over the years, but none have come close to the simplicity and elegance of the original from Lambda in the TVAddons repo days.

Lambda stopped developing and maintaining third-party addons for Kodi long ago. As the most popular Kodi plugin of all time, Exodus has received updates from many other developers in various forms and repos since Lambda dropped development of the original.

None of these Exodus alternatives has gained the popularity of the original. A few, such as Covenant, Placenta and Neptune Rising came close before being taken down due to pressure from allegations of piracy.

Exodus on Kodi 16 and 17 propelled the TVAddons repository into the limelight, which many know turned out to be its downfall. The TVAddons repo is still around but only as a marginalized version of its former pre-lawsuit self.

Some considered this addon to be a great alternative to Genesis, but it was really a massively improved continuation. Now, people seek Exodus alternatives such as Incursion daily. There is no need to find alternatives with the simple beauty of this new release.

Is Exodus on Kodi Legal and Safe?

With this great addon downloaded from the KodiBae repo and installed, you can watch nearly any movies and TV shows you want. Using Exodus on Kodi 18 or 17.6 is perfectly legal, though many of the streaming movies and TV shows found to stream or download could possibly be from illegal pirate sites. Be very careful if you access streaming movies and TV shows without taking advantage of Surfshark VPN to mask your identity, location, and online activities.

How Do I Update Exodus on Kodi 18?

The Exodus add-on needs to be updated in order to refresh its list of stream sources and take advantage of new code. Simply follow this short guide to updating your addon.

  1. On Kodi’s main menu, click Add-ons.
  2. Go into My add-ons.
  3. Enter Video add-ons.
  4. Click on Exodus.
  5. The Update button on the bottom of the screen will get you the newest Exodus release.

How do I Uninstall Exodus on Kodi?

Are you kidding me? Do you really want to uninstall Exodus—this beautiful Kodi Bae repo update to possibly the greatest video add-on ever—off your system? Maybe you got one too many warning letters from your ISP or lawyers have become involved because you didn’t use the Surfshark VPN app to keep your activities private. The steps to uninstall are about the same as for updating; quite simple.

  1. Head into Add-ons from the Kodi main menu.
  2. Go into My Add-ons then the Video Add-ons directory.
  3. Select the Exodus addon and click it.
  4. Click on the Uninstall button.

Download Exodus on Kodi 18 or 17 for Movies & TV Shows

There will be no more searching for Exodus alternatives in various repositories with these new versions installed. This great update and its redux provide the solution to the old Exodus “no stream available” error. You get all the great features of the original with these latest working versions from great repos along with their new stream sources for a wonderful movie streaming experience.

May your streams never run dry!

Anonymously Stream All the Online Movies, TV Shows, and Live Sports You Like With Kodi and Surfshark VPN

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KYLE · 2019-04-23 at 3:56 pm

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    Thanks a ton for bringing the Exodus Redux repo address change to our attention, Kyle!

Siouxzette · 2018-12-17 at 7:10 pm

Excellent. Thanks so much.

LinDau96 · 2018-11-15 at 9:24 pm

Never mind; Last night I figured out that Exodus has plenty of free streaming movies and TV now on my Firestick that I can watch without ever running out of something to watch. This is amazing!

LinDau96 · 2018-11-14 at 4:54 am

With Exodus on my Kodi Firestick, I can find and watch anything I want streaming online free? It is necessary to install other Firestick apps or Kodi add-ons?

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I use Kodi Exodus for long time ago. This very much like original Kodi Exodus! I don’t tell any difference!

Reno · 2018-08-24 at 6:27 am

Got an old android box only running 16.1 jarvis tried to load exodus from lazy man but got dependencies not met? Help

    Alice on Fire · 2018-08-24 at 2:23 pm

    Hey Reno,

    I just did a clean install of Kodi Jarvis then installed Exodus 6.0 from Kodi Bae repository housed in the LazyKodi Repo with no problems at all. Exodus seems to work great on a clean Jarvis install.

    Not sure what Android box you’re running Kodi Jarvis on or how old the install is, but it’s possible you may just need to clean your Kodi cache. There are a few wizards that can easily get this task done for you. We’ll be publishing on the “new” Ares Maintenance Wizard today or tomorrow.

    It actually might be best to remove and reinstall Kodi at this point if it was installed long ago by someone else, though. Good luck and let us know if there’s anything more we can do to help you get this fixed.

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