The best Kodi wizards are great tools to help with media center setup and chores. Some Kodi wizards simply act like media center setup assistants, ready at all times to help you manage the appearance, menu system, and even addons selection of your Kodi media center software.

Depending on the Kodi build being used, many of the best Kodi wizards also act as fully automated repository control centers. Some even help you backup and store your own collections of addons with settings intact to share with others or move from one Kodi streaming device to another.

Most of the wizards included in this list are great for helping you with a Kodi installation on Firestick and other Android devices, Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Some will work better than others due to the varying storage systems of the different devices Kodi is installed on, but they all work great for any Kodi install.

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Best Kodi Maintenance and Build Wizards

Ares Maintenance Wizard

If you’ve been in the Kodi scene for long, Ares Wizard is familiar to you. You may not recognize it lately without the tons of great Kodi third-party addons and builds, though. The Ares repository, along with all of its Kodi add-ons, builds, and wizard, shut down last year amid accusations of piracy and consorting with, aiding and abetting pirates.

Check out our Ares Wizard install article, which also provides a ton of info about what the new Ares Wizard can do for you. This is truly one of the best Kodi wizards you will ever find, even if it doesn’t provide tricked-out third-party video add-ons or builds anymore.

Maverick Builds Wizard

The MaverickTV repository is very well known in the Kodi third-party community as home to some of the best Kodi addons of all time. This little gem of a wizard is nothing really special in the maintenance department, though it does get many of the tasks necessary to keep Kodi running like a top carried out quite handily. Give a poke around in its maintenance area and you may be surprised at some of the changes Maverick Wizard helps you with. You may not even have known you needed to perform these tasks in order to have Kodi running better than you imagined.

What sets Maverick Builds Wizard in this list is just that; builds. There are currently only two builds included in the Maverick Builds Wizard, but they are both very nice to have on your media center. Both Mavericks Krypton Lite and Magic Dragon Simple Build pack a punch and should please even the most discerning Kodi connoisseur. You can read more about them and learn how to install the Maverick Builds Wizard in our Maverick Builds Wizard article.

Best Kodi Wizards Up For Review

The following Kodi Wizards have not been reviewed yet, but we are on it. This list should shrink at a fast pace as these Kodi wizards are reviewed and either included in the list of best Kodi wizards above, relegated to a possible wall of shame below, or placed within a “Kodi Wizards No Longer Working” area at the bottom of this article. If you see a wizard here you would like to push to the top of the list, please give us a shout out in the comments section below.

Upcoming Kodi Wizard Reviews

  • No Limits Wizard
  • SpinzTV Wizard
  • Durex Wizard
  • Merlin Wizard
  • Evolution Wizard
  • Halow TV Wizard
  • HyperTT Wizard
  • Kids Wizard
  • Kodi Build IL Wizard
  • Tantrum APK Wizard
  • Metropolitan Wizard
  • Genie Wizard
  • Community Portal
  • KodiMaster Wizard
  • Mucky Duck Wizard
  • Man Cave Wizard
  • StreamHub Wiz
  • GoodFellas Wizard
  • Smash Wizard
  • Echo Wizard
  • Brettus Wizard
  • CellarDoorTV Wizard

The Beginning of the End as Every Great Wizard Knows

We’ll be rapidly and actively adding to this list over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back here often for more great Kodi wizards. Some of these little tools really pack a punch and can get your Kodi media center installation humming along so well you might not even recognize it anymore. Until next time…

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