This guide teaches how to install Medusa addon on Kodi without risk of turning you to stone. The huge number of free movies and TV shows found by Medusa makes it a contender as one of the best Kodi addons of 2022.

Step by Step Guide to Install Medusa on Kodi

This great Kodi addon is a fork of the much loved MrBlamo Neptune Rising. It works well on any device or platform that supports the installation and running of Kodi. From the Firestick and other Android TV boxes or mobile devices to iOS devices such as the iPhone, and even Windows, Mac, and Linux PC computers, Medusa runs wonderfully.

The Medusa Kodi addon finds tons of great classic films and TV show episodes freely available online.

Aside from those, it also finds free versions of very recent episodes of your favorite shows and even films that are still in the theater.

Please note that many of the videos found by Medusa may not be properly licensed for distribution in your area. Some free streaming movies and TV shows found by Medusa may even be illegal to stream or watch in many parts of the world, so be careful.

Medusa Kodi Addon Video Categories

Medusa Kodi Addon Video Categories

Advanced Kodi Medusa Addon Install Details

Medusa Kodi Addon Repo Source Location

  • Repo Name: EzzerMac Repo
  • Source URL:

Medusa Kodi Addon Quick Install Steps

  1. Click Kodi System kodi settings menu item icon > File manager > Add source > <None>
  2. Type, click OK, name it ezzermac and click OK again
  3. From Kodi home page once more, enter Kodi Add-ons management area
    • Kodi 18 Leia: Click System kodi settings menu item icon > Add-ons
    • Kodi 17.6 Krypton: Click Add-ons > Package Manager kodi addon manager menu item icon
  4. Click Install from Zip File > ezz >
  5. Click Install from Repository > EzzerMacs Wizard Repository > Video add-ons > Medusa > Install

Note that if running Kodi 18 Leia, you’ll also be prompted with a list of add-on dependencies to be installed alongside Medusa. Simply click OK to get the ball rolling on your new Medusa Kodi addon installation.

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How to Install Medusa Addon on Kodi

Since Kodi version 17 Krypton was first released, we must first change some internal security settings. These settings must be changed before any third-party addons such as Medusa can be installed.

If you haven’t already done this, check our quick Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi article to get this done. The article also has a few other privacy tips to secure your Kodi system.

Medusa Kodi Addon: Installation Instructions

The installation process may seem a bit long, but is not difficult by any means. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you follow each step carefully and in the same order it has been laid out. Here are the steps:

Provide Kodi Medusa Home EzzerMac Repo Source

  1. On the Kodi home screen, click the System icon. kodi settings menu item icon
    install medusa addon on kodi

    Kodi System Menu Icon

  2. Choose File Manager.
    how to install medusa addon on kodi

    Kodi 18 Leia System File Manager Menu Item

  3. Click on Add-source.
    steps to install medusa addon on kodi

    Click Add Source on Left

  4. Click on <None>.
    how to get kodi medusa addon

    Click None

  5. Type the URL into the text field then double check the URL for errors. If correct, then click OK.
  6. Enter a name for this media source such as ezz here.

Install EzzerMacs Wizard Repo

If running Kodi 18 Leia, jump back to Settings by clicking the back button on your Fire TV remote… or whatever remote control you’re using, then click Add-ons.

If you’ve not yet updated and Kodi 17.6 Krypton is still your drug of choice, head to the Kodi home screen once more and click the Add-ons menu item. Then, click on the Package Manager icon. kodi addon manager menu item icon

  1. Click on Install from Zip File.
    medusa kodi addon

    Click Install from Zip File

  2. Click the ezz repository source location.
  3. Now, click the file to install the Ezzer-Macs Wizard Repo.

Once the EzzerMac Wizard Repo Add-on installed message appears, move on to the Medusa installation.

How to Install Medusa Kodi Addon

  1. Now, click Install from Repository on the same screen.
    how to get medusa addon on kodi

    Click Install From Repository

  2. Click on the EzzerMac Repository.
  3. Next, click on Video add-ons.
  4. Click on the Medusa item.
    Click to Install Medusa Addon on Kodi
  5. To finish the installation of Medusa on Kodi, click the Install button.

If using Kodi 18 Leia, you’ll get a prompt listing dependencies (additional Kodi helper add-ons) that are required to be installed along with Medusa. Click OK to get Medusa installed.

Medusa Addon Installed on Kodi

Once you get the Medusa Add-on installed notice, all that’s left to do is fire up your Surfshark VPN app and watch a show anonymously in the comfort of your newly updated home theater!

Medusa Installed in Kodi Video Add-ons

Find Medusa in Kodi Video Add-ons

Medusa Kodi Addon Features

Much like its predecessor Neptune Rising, Medusa closely resembles the very popular Poseidon Kodi addon. While Poseidon stopped working long ago, abandoned by its developer, Medusa and other high-quality forks keep the spirit alive and even build upon it.

Medusa Kodi Addon

One great aspect of the Medusa addon is the speed of its navigation system. Moving from one category to another when hunting for the perfect movie to watch takes no time at all. The way streams are fetched online and then played back is also improved upon. Medusa seems to make your chosen video playback happen almost instantly.

Medusa works great with your Real-Debrid account if you have one. Real-Debrid provides tons of super-fast streams with no buffering.

The greatest thing about Medusa Kodi addon is that you really don’t need a premium account to get great streams. Medusa finds so many streams free online that you can watch 1080p or lower movies and TV shows with no problem as long as you have your VPN hooked up.

Medusa provides a huge catalog of on-demand movies and TV shows along with some choice sports replays. This addon belongs in any list of best Kodi addons for its fantastic assortment of video streams wonderfully free of obstacles.

Now, go anonymously plug into all the free movies and TV shows available online with Medusa and…

May your streams never run dry!

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