Terrarium TV provides access to streaming and downloadable audio and video media files through links found online. The developer NitroXenon began Terrarium TV and still develops it by himself. Though a small team helps with social media and user support, NitroXenon works alone on improvements and updating stream sources. This latest update to the codebase, Terrarium TV 1.9.5, introduces many improvements. Terrarium TV has boasted the best user experience statistics of any Android streaming app available for over a year. Expect a great movie and TV watching experience on your Android device with this new update.

Terrarium TV Gaining Ground on Big Brother KODI

The regularly updated Terrarium TV’s simple interface and overall lack of “fussiness” have made it a worldwide hit. Over the past year, streaming media enthusiasts’ interest has grown for Terrarium TV while fading for Kodi. The Google Trends graph below shows the Google search results over the past year confirm this. The graph shows relative movements of interest based upon search volumes over time for each app independently. This graph doesn’t show search actual volumes, of which Kodi has about 15x that of Terrarium TV at this time. This has changed drastically over the past year, as KODI dominated with no questions asked just a year ago. Evolution happens in people’s minds and hearts, as you can easily see in the following graphic. Even with the masses, quality will always take the lead when quantities require too much time and consideration.

Terrarium TV Gaining Popularity While KODI Fades This Past Year

Terrarium TV Gaining Popularity While KODI Fades This Past Year

Terrarium TV 1.9.5 APK Update

The Terrarium TV 1.9.5 update adds a few bug fixes and many new streaming sources. I think most users of Terrarium TV will love the number of HD and 1080p links found in the app now. The only problem with the content Terrarium TV finds online and gives you access to is the fact that much of it’s illegal to access in many regions. I highly recommend using the military grade encryption of Surfshark VPN to safely access the content provided by Terrarium TV.

How to Anonymously Access Free Streams

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Terrarium TV 1.9.5 APK Update to App Available Now

Terrarium TV 1.9.5 APK Update to App Available Now

Terrarium TV Buffering Fixes

While the Terrarium TV app never has buffering problems of its own, some of the provided links may. NitroXenon added many new sources of high-speed media streams, so the ratio of fast video streams increased greatly. That definitely counts as a buffering fix in my book. This new Terrarium TV 1.9.5 APK will not leave you wanting a decent stream if your network can handle it.

New Stream Sources Added to Terrarium TV 1.9.5

Several new stream sources have appeared in Terrarium TV 1.9.5. You will find a ton of new HD and 1080p links from Google Video servers and CDN-

If you notice problems with Terrarium TV after the 1.9.5 update, then force close the app and clear its cache. At least one user reported the Trending category breaking after the update, though the fix was that simple. Clear cache files after every Terrarium TV update, so the new version can maneuver in a clean environment. When a new update comes out, sometimes the download servers get a ton of traffic. This can cause data crashes and failed attempts to contact the servers. If you experience glitches and missing data in Terrarium TV, then this “new update rush” may have caused the problem. Give it a bit of time, then the data should come through. If you don’t want to stand or sit around waiting, then come back to it later. The traffic should die down soon, allowing the data to update itself unimpeded.

Terrarium TV Ad-Free Trending Page

Terrarium TV Trending Shows Category

Get Your Terrarium TV 1.9.5 Update and Watch What You Want

With each new update to the Terrarium TV app, this APK gains in popularity. If you have it installed, it should offer to update itself when next opened if it hasn’t already. If you haven’t installed and tried Terrarium TV yet, what are you waiting for? Install the free Surfshark VPN app, fire it up and connect to a nearby VPN server, then download the Terrarium TV APK file and get it installed to see what you’ve been missing!

Enjoy the Terrarium TV 1.9.5 update &…

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