Copy And Paste is an all-in-one Kodi addon with plenty of free movies and TV shows encompassing a huge selection of genres. You’ll find classics from the 80s and 90s, plenty of movies depicting aliens, martial artists, and witches, and even animation some erotica if that’s your thing. The massive collections of horror films really makes Copy And Paste shine, but there’s plenty of animation and kids’ movies as well.

Install Copy And Paste Kodi addon (also known as Copy & Paste?) to avoid the prospect of not being able to stream free movies online. In this MTM tutorial, we supply quick steps and a more detailed tutorial for those wanting it. This serves to provide you with quick and easy, free access to the best movies and TV shows of all time.

Copy And Paste Advanced Install Info

Name: Maverick

Quick Steps to Install Copy And Paste Kodi Addon

The quick install steps directly below are for more experienced Kodi users. For a detailed and illustrated guide to installing the Copy And Paste Kodi Addon, look farther down the page. Note that it’s essential you enable unknown sources within Kodi if installing Copy And Paste on Kodi 17 Krypton or newer.

  1. Kodi home screen System kodi settings menu item icon > File Manager and select Add Source > <None>.
  2. Type > click OK > name it maverick > click OK.
  3. Kodi main menu > Add-ons > Package Installer kodi addon manager menu item icon and choose Install From zip file.
  4. Choose maverick, then click to install the Maverick repo.
  5. Click Install From Repository, Maverick TV Repo, Video Add-ons, Copy And Paste, then Install.

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Illustrated Guide To Install Copy And Paste Kodi Addon

As mentioned, be sure to enable unknown sources before proceeding or successful installation of Copy And Paste third-party Kodi addon will be refused. This security setting shift has been required since the release of Kodi v17 Krypton. The warning just means that the Kodi team wants you to stream safely.

Provide Copy And Paste Source URL to Kodi

  1. Head to the Kodi home screen, and click the cog kodi settings menu item icon System icon.
    free movies online

    Kodi System Icon

  2. Next, click on File Manager in the bottom right.
    watch free movies and tv shows

    Kodi Krypton File Manager

  3. In the left column select Add Source.
    copy and paste from maverick repo in best addons 2018 on kodi

    Click Add Source on Left

  4. Then, select <None>.
    watch free streaming movies online with copy and paste kodi addon

    Click None

  5. Enter the following URL link exactly as shown:
    great streaming movie kodi addon to watch free horror movies online

    Type the Maverick TV Repo Source URL Address

  6. Name it maverick and then check for errors in the URL and click OK.
    halloween movies free online

    Check the MaverickTV Repo Source for Errors

How To Install Maverick Repo

Once Kodi has the repository source available, installing the Copy And Paste Repo will be quick and easy.

  1. Circle back to the Kodi home screen and select the Addons menu item.
    free horror movies streaming online with kodi copy and paste

    Kodi Add-ons Menu Item

  2. Next, click on the kodi addon manager menu item icon Package Installer icon in the top left corner of the screen.
    is copy and paste down?

    Kodi Add-ons Browser (AKA Package Manager)

  3. Click Install from Zip File now.
    how to watch free horror films online

    Click Install from Zip File

  4. Click on maverick and then on to install the MaverickTV Repo.
    how to watch scary movies for free online

    Click the MaverickTV Repo Zip File

Once you see the “MaverickTV Repo Installed” notification, then Copy And Paste addon is almost ready to roll.

Install Copy And Paste Kodi Addon

Now just head into the Maverick repository and boldly install whatever interests you. In this case, the Copy And Paste Kodi addon.

  1. Now head back to Add-ons and select Install from Repository.
    watch horror movies online free

    Click Install From Repository

  2. Click MaverickTV Repo to open it.
    frightening films and scary horror movies free online

    Choose to Install from the MaverickTV Repo

  3. Enter into Video Add-ons.
    kodi horror movies free with copy and paste addon

    Go Into the MaverickTV Repo Video Add-ons Directory

  4. Click on Copy And Paste or any addon that interests you.
  5. Last, hit the Install button.

Wait until you see the Copy And Paste Add-on enabled notification, then fire up the Surfshark VPN app and enjoy all the great streams anonymously! All the Kodi video add-ons you install can be located in the addons tab accessible from the left-hand column of Kodi’s main menu.

Copy And Paste Categories

Found in the Maverick TV Repo, the Copy And Paste addon features a extensive list of great content categories.

  • Search Movies
  • Reddit Top 250
  • 80’s Classics
  • 90’s Classics
  • 80’s Horror
  • Alien Movies
  • Martial Arts
  • Witches
  • Mind Fucks
  • End of the Fucking World Movies
  • Cult Classics
  • Stoner Movies
  • Musica Movies
  • Comedies
  • Erotic
  • Chick Flicks
  • Black Movies
  • Psychological Horror
  • Based On True Stories
  • War
  • Walt Disney Collection
  • Pixar
  • Rappers
  • Marvel vs DC
  • Horror Movies
  • Ghosts
  • Drugs
  • Family
  • Documentary Movies
  • Greatest Sci-Fi
  • More Sci-Fi

If you want to watch the best horror and classic films, look no further. Copy And Paste has plenty of free entertainment content and good quality streams from various servers.

Note that the Search function works great, though it may fool some into believing it’s broken. Type your search term in and click OK. When the addon finishes its search of IMDB (the Internet Movie DataBase), your search results can be found hidden behind an extra click. Copy And Paste will present you with what seems to be an empty search results page. There is simply the chance to go back (..) and a Next Page >> directory. Click on the Next Page >> directory for your search results.

Copy And Paste Safely

If you really want a great streaming experience, check out the free movies and TV channels in Copy and Paste add-on. Just make sure to turn on your Surfshark VPN app before beginning the streams.

Enjoy All the Great Shows

We hope this takes care of any questions you may have surrounding how to install Copy And Paste Kodi addon from the Maverick Repo. You’re sure to get the content you crave and far more. Be sure to visit our other MTM articles to find updates on all things Kodi and…

May your streams never run dry!

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