Sanity is a popular all-in-one Kodi addon with lots of great free streaming movies, TV shows, and sports. Find both quick steps along with a more detailed tutorial in this MTM Kodi addon installation guide for Sanity. Choose what works for you and gain easy, free access to one of the best Kodi add-ons available today.

Sanity Kodi Addon Advanced Install Info

Repo Name: Sandman Repository
Source URL:

Quick Steps to Install Sanity Kodi Addon

Directly below you’ll find a quick install guide for more advanced Kodi users. Look farther down the page for a more detailed and illustrated guide to installing the Sanity Kodi Addon. Please note that it’s absolutely necessary you enable unknown sources within Kodi if installing Sanity Kodi Addon on 17 Krypton or newer.

  1. Click Kodi Systems kodi settings menu item icon > File Manager > Add Source > <None>.
  2. Type > click OK > name it sandman > click OK.
  3. Click Kodi Add-ons > Package Installer kodi addon manager menu item icon > Install From Zip File.
  4. Choose sandman then click
  5. Click Install From Repository > Sandman Media Repository > Video Addons > SANITY > Install.

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Illustrated Guide To Install Sanity Kodi Addon

As mentioned above, be sure to enable unknown sources before proceeding or successful installation of Sanity Kodi Addon third-party Kodi addon will be refused. This security setting shift has been required since the release of Kodi v17 Krypton by the XBMC Foundation. The warning just means they want you to use Kodi securely. Never fear though, as this third-party Kodi addon is completely safe.

Provide Sanity Repository Source URL to Kodi

  1. Head to the Kodi main menu, then click the System icon on top. kodi settings menu item icon
    watch free streaming movies and tv

    Kodi System Icon

  2. Click on File Manager at the bottom.
    kodi krypton free streaming tv and movies with sanity from hellboy

    Kodi Krypton File Manager

  3. On left select Add Source.
    kodi sanity video addon in sandman media repo

    Click Add Source on Left

  4. Then click <None>.
    watch free movies and tv shows streaming online

    Click None

  5. Enter the following URL exactly
    Enter Sandman Media Repo Source URL

    Enter Sandman Media Repo Source URL

  6. Name it sandman and then check for accuracy and click OK.
    Name Repo Kodi Source sandman

    Name Repo Kodi Source sandman

How To Install Sandman Repo

Once Kodi has the repository source available, installing the Sanity Kodi Addon will be a piece of cake.

  1. Circle back to the Kodi main menu and select Addons.
    watch free horror movies on kodi

    Kodi Add-ons Menu Item

  2. Click on the Package Installer icon at the top left. kodi addon manager menu item icon
    sanity for free tv shows on kodi

    Kodi Add-ons Browser (AKA Package Manager)

  3. Then, click Install from Zip File.
    stream tv on kodi free with sanity addon

    Click Install from Zip File

  4. Select sandman and hit OK.
    Choose sandman Source to Install from Zip File

    Choose sandman Source to Install from Zip File

  5. Select and click OK to install the repo.
    Someone Pissed in Sandman's Chocolate Shreddies

    Someone Pissed in Sandman’s Chocolate Shreddies

Once you see the Sandman Media Repo installed notification, then you’re ready to install Sanity Kodi Addon.

How To Install Sanity Kodi Addon

Now just head into the Sandman repository and boldly install whatever interests you. In this case, the Sanity Kodi Addon.

  1. Head back to Add-ons once the repo finishes downloading and select Install from Repository.
    sandman repo sanity down?

    Click Install From Repository

  2. Choose Sandman Media Repo to open it.
    Choose Sandman Media Repo

    Choose Sandman Media Repo

  3. Enter into Video Add-ons.
    Enter Sandman Media Repo Video Add-ons

    Enter Sandman Media Repo Video Add-ons

  4. Select SANITY.
    Click Sanity by Hellboy

    Click Sanity by Hellboy

  5. Click the Install button.
    Click Install Button for Sanity Installation

    Click Install Button for Sanity Installation

Once you see the Sanity Kodi Addon enabled popup, you can enjoy all the great streaming content found in this good all-in-one Kodi addon! All the Kodi video add-ons you install appear in the addons tab located to the left on Kodi’s home screen.

Kodi Sanity Addon Features

Found in the Sandman Repo, the Sanity Kodi Addon features content such as Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Horror, Kids, Music, Productions, Hellboy Top, 24/7, Search, and more. If you want to watch free movies along with the best horror films and live TV, look no further.

If you love horror films, the Horror category will please you immensely. One category has movies listed by which film studio produced them. Within a special Hellboy Top category, you’ll find curated lists of WWE, extreme sports and drag racing along with reality shows and tons of survival information. You will also find Sanity Kodi Addon contains some of the best classic films and TV series.

If you really want a good free alternative to cable or driving to expensive movie theaters that lets you watch what you want wherever you are, dive into Sanity Kodi Addon content. Be sure to turn on your Surfshark VPN app to remain anonymous before firing it up, though. Also, be sure to check the laws in the area you’ll be watching from regarding the legality of streaming content that hasn’t been properly licensed for distribution. Much of the content found by the Sanity Kodi addon appears to be of the variety that is illegal to stream in many areas of the world.

Great Free Horror Movies

While you’ll love all the great horror movies found by Sanity, you may be looking for a little something more scary or diverse. There are some fantastic tutorials on the best Kodi addons for horror movie streaming available right here at My True Media.

Check out Night Terrors from the Supremacy repo for a broad range of horror along with great cult classics and B-movies.

For a truly classic horror experience, be sure to also try out the extensive collection of classic films available in Tsunami OG. I guarantee you’ll get a kick out of it if you enjoy truly well-written old-school psychologically frightening and scary film production tactics.

Thanks for reading

We hope this takes care of any questions you may have surrounding how to install Sanity Kodi Addon for a great all-in-one streaming experience. You’re sure to get many hours of viewing enjoyment out of this new addition to the Kodi community! Visit our other tutorials where you’ll find updates on all things streaming and…

May your streams never run dry!

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